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10 Must Have Products in the Salon

There are so many products on the market and so many to choose from, so we have put together a list of our most popular products that we believe every salon must have:

1. Tamara Rose Brushes

Tamara Rose Chromatix 5 Piece Brush Set

These brushes have been made popular for their durability and ergonomic design. Made with the highest quality materials, including ceramic and ionic bristles, the light-weight brushes come in different sizes to suit your styling needs. The ionic bristles repel against water and enhance drying time while creating a healthy and shiny finished look. The maxi holes in the design allow for greater airflow and eliminates frizz and fly-aways with its special heat resistant bristles. Also anti-bacterial, these brushes work wonders and last a lifetime!

2. Glammar Tangle Tonic

Glammar Tangle Tonic Brush Rose Gold
Glammar Tangle Tonic

The Glammar Tangle Tonic should be every girl’s best friend. It is an effective de-tangling solution that produces minimal damage to the hair.

3. 18-in-1 Intensive Treatment

18 in 1 Intensive Treatment

18in1 is one of our favourite new products to hit the market. It works wonders on the health of hair – after a 30-minute application, your client’s hair is rejuvenated and their natural hair health restored. It moisturises and repairs damage, also providing protective layers to shield from environmental pollution and harmful UV rays. In a delectable coconut creme scent, this product is manufactured in Australia and is 100% cruelty-free.

4. O3 Styling Mud

O3 Hair

O3 Styling Mud is a salon essential for the purpose of styling your client’s hair. This mouldable styling mud hardens with a long-lasting rock solid finish. It is not only quick-drying but has a firm hold with texture. It has an oceanic fragrance and is humidity resistant, meaning longer lasting style!


5. Armada setting gel

Energy Cosmetics Armada Professional Hair Styling Gel Extra Strong 1Ltr
Energy Cosmetics Armada Professional Hair Styling Gel Extra Strong 1Ltr

This is our favourite protein hair setting gel because of the smell and texture of the product. What we love most about it is its stronghold that allows you to style and sculpt hair as you please, trusting that it will stay! A classic product and an absolute must have.

6.SFO Balayage Tint Brushes

SFO Balayage Tint Brushes 6pk
SFO Balayage Tint Brushes

These SFO Balayage Tint Brushes that are perfect and ideal for balayage techniques. The textured bristles are 4.5cm in width and 2.5 cm in length, providing decent coverage and suitable for other colouring techniques like highlighting or lowlighting. The round handle has a comfortable grip and a pointy sectioning tail to help you, the stylist!

7. SFO Tint Bowl Set

SFO Colouring Bowl Set 3 pcs

Working with multiple colours on one client? No worries, the tint bowl set has 3 tint bowls that lock into place and conveniently separate your colours into colour coded bowls black, grey and white. Easy!

8. Glammar Aligator Hair Clips

Glammar Alligator Clips

We love the Glammar strong crocodile clips to section hair because they have the ultimate level of grip and comfort on your client. Great for sectioning hair.

9. Hair Colour Whisk

Hair Colour Whisk

Mixing colour has never been so quick and easy! The whisk saves a lot of time mixing colours and developers and you avoid having to scrape the sides of the bowl.

10. Fanola Leave-In Conditioner

               Nutricare Leave-In Treatment

This leave-in treatment is enriched with Linseed Oil and Milk Proteins. It is deeply hydrating and performs an intensely nourishing and restructuring on the hair without weighing it down. Clients will love it because not only does it leave the hair feeling soft and healthy, it smells absolutely delicious.

These are our top ten picks. We hope you find them handy.

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The best hair dryer to blow you away

Forever be in style with Tamara Rose Foreverose

Is your hair too frizzy? There’s a high possibility it is the quality of your hair dryer that is leaving your hair with static and frizz. Poor quality hair dryers can be loud, heavy and burdensome to use. It is essential that you find the best hair dryer, in accordance to industry professionals and stylists, that has a minimum wattage of 1800 and varying heat settings with a cold shot function to set style in place for a longer lasting hold. We also know that your time is important, so having the best hair dryer can reduce styling time while also unleashing a moisture lock to ensure static and frizz-free hair is vital.

We have the perfect solution for you with an added touch of elegance. The Tamara Rose brand is known for its famous ceramic, ionic, antistatic and antibacterial round boar bristle brushes. Tamara Rose has introduced the definitive addition to its collection with a powerful hair dryer, Foreverose, suitable for professional salon or home use and stylishly designed with a rose gold touch. We guarantee that you have found the best blow dryer in Foreverose.

This blow dryer is so light and compact it reduces the risk of hand fatigue to ensure maximum comfort and usability. Its sleek body is ergonomically designed with high quality and durable rubber material for a superior grip. Featuring a powerful 1800-2000W long life DC motor, the dryer offers a high precision movement of airflow up to 60m3/h for fast drying capacity and your time efficiency. Foreverose is built with high power, operating at 220-240V, and with low volume to reduce noise in your home or salon.

Variable speed and temperature heat settings are available to cater for different types of hair and strength required for your styling needs. The blow dryer also includes a concentrator nozzle for maximum straightening and smoothing capabilities. In addition to this, Foreverose has a 3-metre-long cord to enable extra mobility around your home or salon.

Create ultimate volume and shine forever in your hands with Foreverose. For best results, point with the airflow down the shaft of the hair and use the nozzle to add an extra lift at the roots to give it volume, especially if you have finer hair. With its flawless combination of performance, elegance and style, this professional hair dryer is the perfect asset and best blow dryer for the perfectionist when it comes to hair styling.

BONUS! The Tamara Rose Foreverose also comes with your own added set of professional styling brushes to use with your new dryer. With its quality Korean brush technology, the brushes offer precision and strength, ensuring endurance and high performance. The brushes have ceramic barrels for dramatic styling; ionic innovation making your styling quicker by enhancing drying time; boar bristles to redistribute the natural oils from your scalp to the shaft; and antibacterial protective fibres to repel germs and harmful bacteria.

–¬†Lightweight design reduces hand fatigue, increasing workflow
– Professional long life DC motor
– Powerful 1800-2000W
– Cool shot function to set style in place and a longer lasting hold
– Includes concentrator nozzle for straightening and smoothing
– Variable speed and temperature heat settings to cater for all hair types
– Extra long 3 m cord for mobility around and salon
– Airflow: 60m3/h
-Voltage: 220-240V