The Essential Guide to Effective Bleached Hair Care Routine

bleached hair care routine
October 19, 2020

Rachael Grant

Staying dedicated to bleached hair care routine will keep your blonde locks in perfect health. Maximum shine and long-lasting beautiful colour are possible if you keep in mind that your bleached hair deserves proper care with hydration, essential nutrients, and toning. 


Why You Need a Proper Bleached Hair Care Routine

Be religious with the blonde hair care routine if you have made bleach application on the whole scalp — your fibre structure has changed, and it will desire special attention. 

Bleached hair is unlike virgin or coloured hair. It has the following characteristics:

  • Changed texture
  • Removed melatonin
  • Swelling, voluminous strands
  • Dryness and brittleness
  • Vulnerable to UV rays 

Be careful with a full head of highlights and foils, too — considering trends in 2020 and beyond, highlights are here to stay, and you need healthy, happy hair to make hairstyle variations. 


Tips for Keeping Bleached Hair Healthy

Here is how to keep bleached hair healthy and avoid the “bird’s nest” outcome:

  1. Reduce shampoo frequency. Keep hair washing to a minimum. You don’t need to use shampoo every day. Skip a day or two and replace the shampoo with a mask or a conditioner.
  2. Use specialised colour care product lines. Use not only colour-preserving shampoos but also colour-preserving conditioner.
  3. Eliminate heat styling tools from the bleached hair care routine. Unless absolutely necessary, stay away from the straighteners, flat irons, and blow dries. Wrap your head in a towel to absorb moisture. Use heat only to give the final perk to your hairstyle. 
  4. Avoid brushing and combing hair when wet. Wet bleached hair is brittle and more prone to breaking and split ends. Make sure you don’t brush it by force. Use a detangling brush that’s gentle to the scalp or a cold brush to remove frizz and to style. 
  5. Grab a microfibre towel. Replace your regular cotton towels with highly-absorbent and smooth microfibre towel or turban-style cloth.
  6. Use silk satin or silk cotton pillowcase. Satin pillowcases are more gentle to your hair and keep your hair from getting in touch with the synthetic pillow stuffing.
  7. Apply a hydration mask every time. Never skip on the moisturising part of your bleached hair care routine.

You can incorporate dry shampoo in your bleached hair care routine. This occasional cleansing step will save you from excessive blow dries and frequent shampooing, two common enemies of glowing blonde hair. 

Bleached Hair Hydration Tips

Apart from ensuring your shampoo has enough hydrating nutrients, you can moisturise your hair by sticking to the above routine. 

Here is what else helps to keep your bleached hair nourished and hydrated:  

  1. Coconut oil or Argan oil. Put organic coconut oil on your hair and keep it for at least 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. (Stay away from the roots to avoid flattening the hair).
  2. DIY hair mask. Beneficial homemade mask ingredients for blonde hair include chamomile tea, avocado, egg yolks, lemon and honey, banana, olive oil, and almond milk. 
  3. Rinsing with cold water. Coldwater closes hair cuticles and scalp pores and leaves lustre and shine, which has been gone due to the bleach application. Finalise every wash with cold water. 
  4. Leave-in conditioner. Even if you’re in a hurry, a no-wash conditioner will save the day.
  5. Avoid chlorine. As a disinfectant, chlorine can pull off moisture from hair and make it even more brittle and dry. Wear a shower cap every time you don’t need to wash your bleached hair. 
  6. Keratin treatment. Use keratin care complex to restore lost protein and achieve vibrant blonde hair.

Once or twice a week, use intense hydrating treatment. Once a month, bathe your hair in oil masks – nourishing argan masks are wonderful for hydrating damaged blonde hair.

Fixes for Orange and Yellow Bleached Hair

Colour fading is another reason that may propel you to reach for additional colouring and toning, and cause even more damage to your bleached hair. Orange, brassy, and yellow tones are typical undesired outcomes of improper bleach application. You can make corrections or reduce the brassy effect with alternative means.

How to Fix Orange Hair

There are several ways to remove orange and yellow tones from your hair. Your solution depends on the result you want to achieve, as well as on the shade you got after the initial hair lightening.

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If you want to achieve cool blonde shades, such as ash or platinum blonde, you need to lighten your hair again. Use 20 Vol developer and powder bleach to get a light yellow hue that you can later alter with demi-permanent colours and toners. 


Yellow and Brassy to Beige and Silver

If your hair is more of a pastel yellow tone, you can neutralise the unwanted brassiness with semi-permanent or demi-permanent colour for more coverage. Always apply a contrasting technique such as ash tone or another cool shade to counteract the yellow. 

It often happens that hair gets brassy and yellow after you’ve had it coloured for more than two weeks. A shampoo with purple tint corrects yellow, while a shampoo with a blue tint corrects orange tones. 


Turn Orange into Copper and Red

If you dislike yourself as a blonde, you can use the orange base to get a darker red colour or go strawberry blonde. If you’re into redheads, you don’t need additional lightening. You can accomplish the result only by using demi-permanent colours. Remember that you may need to reapply, as red tones are also prone to colour fading.  



Rainbow Transformation

Another fabulous solution to bleached yellow hair is to apply a vivid colour toner. Mint, indigo blue, and rose gold are popular choices that will make your eyes come centre-stage and that new lipstick pop. You don’t need a dramatic change. Bleached blonde is light enough to use subtle overtones, as well.

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As you can see, caring for lightened hair requires that you pay the price, both in time and valuable products. However, if you show discipline in the bleached hair care routine, you will be a proud owner of a real head-turner hairstyle. Unless you’re absolutely sure about what you’re doing it is recommended you do the bleach application at a professional salon. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially if you have thin, dry hair prone to breakage. 

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