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hairdressing scissors
September 5, 2019

Rachael Grant

Hairdressing scissors are needed in the trade, they are your best friend after all. It doesn’t matter if you are fully qualified or just starting out, a good pair of scissors will not go astray. As much as a great haircut is an outcome of your hand skills, you still need to rely on functional and practical tools. It helps you to get the results your clients want. Hair scissors are hairdressers’ most important tools for achieving an impressive final result. And hairstylists like keeping their belt pouches with their favourite scissors in close sight. Once the day starts, the pouch is not only a helpful set of tools but also an effective accessory that says: ”This is one badass expert with a great sense of style!”   

The search for perfectly cut hair doesn’t end with scissors. At least not with a single pair! If you run the usual salon business, you will need at least three or four per staff member, not to mention thinners and razors! And that’s the bare minimum. When getting your salon supplies, how can you tell which are the best hairdressing scissors out there? 

What Material Makes the Best Hairdressing Scissors

Professional hair cutting scissors and shears are usually more expensive than regular scissors for home use. The reason is that they are made out of professional materials intended to handle thousands of cuts before they go blunt. The blades, the fulcrum, and the handles are crafted with due care to suit the needs of a professional hairdressing salon. 

It may be hard to imagine, but human hair is a pretty persistent, yet gentle material. It must be cut with super-sharp scissors to avoid split ends or unequal cutting lines. You can never achieve that with regular domestic scissors. If you have ever tried to use regular kitchen scissors to cut your own hair as a kid, you know the results you can get, and they are far from spectacular! The best hairdressing scissors must account for all these factors.

Stainless steel is the preferred material for hair scissors and not just any type of steel. The best hairdressing scissors contain specially manufactured steel. For example, these steel scissors come from the traditional quality Japanese steel that is historically known to be included in making samurai katanas. 

When looking at the material, it is important to check whether the scissors contain some element you may be allergic to, for example, nickel, which is sometimes added to steel scissors. Cobalt-infused hairdressing scissors not only look fab, but they also last longer and can help solve the allergy problem since they have anti-allergic properties. 

Also, pay attention to the included warranty about the material. Quality scissors include a warranty pointing out the end of life, which indicates the date by which they will lose some of their perfect cutting properties. However, with good maintenance, the best hairdressing scissors can work long after the indicated expiry date.

Not All Pairs Work for Everyone: Shape, Size, and Style

Regardless of the material, there is a great deal of subjectivity in picking up the best pair of hair scissors that will work for you. You need to find a pair that fits your palm well and makes your job easier.  Choosing the wrong size can result in less amazing haircuts and hands and fingers getting quickly tired.

Size Matters

Average hairdressing scissors are between 4.5 and 8 inches long. Besides hand size, the length of the scissors matters for the type of haircut you want to do. Hairdressing scissors with longer blades, above 6 inches, work for the “cutting over a comb” technique. While shorter, 4.5 to 5.5-inch scissors will enable precise, clean cuts. They are perfect for those concave bob hairstyles!

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Being left-handed or right-handed is another factor you must consider. Luckily, most professional hairdressing tool manufacturers nowadays consider both right-handed and left-handed stylists. Make sure you check before making a purchase that you are getting the right scissors for your hands.

Hair Cutting Tools: Shapes

There are three basic shapes of hairdressing scissors: classic, offset, and crane. Classic hair scissors have equally shaped lower and upper blades and rings. Crane and offset scissors are designed with the thumb ring angled downwards. This helps hairdressers to work with finer cuts with ease. 

Swivel scissors can alleviate carpal tunnel syndrome, a common nuisance that prevents hairdressers from fully enjoying their work.  The best hair scissors are typically not for universal use. Although a beginner hairdresser will start with just one pair for clean cuts, generally with convex blades. An iron pair with clam-shaped blades will work wonders as a basic tool to cut lightly and quietly. Barbershops will need extra tools. Professional razor handles and razor blades are just a few of the basics you need to stock to produce a magnificent beard on top of the great haircut.

Expert Hairdressing Scissors

As your acumen advances, you will need to pick up extra pairs of scissors that will work for specific hair styling techniques such as slice cutting, chipping, fading, and thinning. 

Clippers are for fades and precise haircuts. Trimmers are necessary to smooth out the edges of shorter cuts. For well-defined cuts, you will need a razor comb. Since so many different shapes and styles of scissors are necessary to maintain a long list of client wishes, you may consider handy scissor and thinner combos, light in size to be carried around in your pouch whole day long.

Maintaining Your Scissors

Sharpening must be done regularly to prevent scissor blades from going blunt. How often will that happen depends on how many haircuts you do and the type of scissors you most use. You’ll need to sharpen your scissors at least once a year, paying special attention to convex blade scissors. If you are unsure how to properly sharpen the blades, hire a professional to avoid scissors going out of service before their end of life date. 

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You will need to sharpen less frequently if you adequately clean your scissors after use. First, clean your scissors, next, apply scissor oil, and finally, put them back in the pouch. This will reduce any chances of mechanical damage created by falling, scratching, or inadvertently bumping and breaking your favourite scissors.  Scissors for professional hairstylists also include extra rings for decreased wear-out and tension adjusters that you need to use regularly as part of the maintenance routine.

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