How To Become A Waxing Expert – All You Need To Know

June 26, 2018

Tako Phanoraj

To become a waxing expert you don’t have to be a speed waxer. Being quick and efficient to get your client out the door will be great for business, but is it really quality work? Do you want trillions of walk throughs coming in, get a speedy wax job, send them on the way to only have them come back again angry, dissatisfied and emotionally stressed due to a poor waxing job? These tips and tricks will help you learn how to become a waxing expert and have a happy clientele.

Waxers not only need to be skillful in their technique but also in their knowledge of skin prep and the study of their client’s skin as rushed waxing procedures can cause infection, skin abrasions and permanent damage to the skin. Funnily enough in Australia waxing does not require any formal training. Anyone can do a short waxing course and start waxing. This is one of the problems with regulations or lack thereof in the Australian beauty industry. First and for most, what is vital and what you need to become a waxing expert is an accredited certificate. Having the tertiary education of getting qualifications via TAFE or a private college to be a certified beauty therapist is a must. Unfortunately though in some cases, private colleges or TAFE courses, lack that little bit of extra focus and concentrated coursework around the topic of waxing and how to particularly treat that specific client and their skin.

Michele Hetherington, the Ambassador and National Training Manager for Jax Wax states that: “An expert waxer needs to understand the skin, waxing falls under the skin penetration act as it involves removal of the hair from the follicle that is situated in the dermis and sometimes the subcutaneous layer of the skin”. Michele cannot stress enough the importance of having proper client consultations, quality products and the sound knowledge of the skin.

Michele Hetherington, Educator and National Training Manager for JAX WAX.

Fortunately, however, at AMR Training Academy we have partnered up with JAX WAX by offering exclusive waxing workshops catering for either day or night classes held by Michele. For the month of August on Tuesday the 14th between 6:00pm-9:00pm, she will be setting up a workstation for eyebrow styling and unique wax methods to create the best eyebrow shape for a particular face. With Michele, you will discover the benefits of pre and post-wax products to maximise treatments. You will be able to identify issues due to incorrect wax temperature, recognise skin sensitivity and treat it accordingly. Discover the best practice for client consultation, contraindications, treatment plans and ideal waxing methods used for elderly clients.

How to become a waxing expert – Products available at AMR to help you set up your own salon in the making:

  • Know your client, build a rapport with them where you know what waxes will benefit their skin type. What kind of techniques or procedures they prefer you to do as there is nothing worse than being treated like a number and having your needs not met and all you want to do is go in for a pampering session.
  • Always find out if your client has any allergies or health conditions such as varicose veins, poor circulation or diabetes. Ask if they’re taking any medications or topical medications. It’s not prying, because if the skin has been thinned by a medical condition, you need to know about it.
  • Having the right furniture and equipment will not only make your salon look professional but visually pleasing to the eye, too. A sturdy and professional proper beauty bed to do all your work on is a necessity to give yourself that qualified look as well as a clean workstation to work from.
Glammar Alison Beauty Bed Black
Beauty Bed Glammar Alison Black
  • Be clean, clients will come back to you more if you are neat and the place is well maintained. Keep it spotless and professional, no one likes to go somewhere that is untidy and messy and keeping it hygienic always. Sanitation and cleanliness when it comes to waxing should be of the utmost importance when approaching a client and their body hairs. Using disposable items after every client shows care and the need to be as sterile as possible with each appointment. Here at AMR, we have an abundance of gloves, bedrolls, pillow cases, tongue compressors, brow beaters and many more disposables for every waxing job.

    Disposable Latex Gloves 100 pk Small
    Latex Lightly Powdered Gloves Large 100pk
  • Investing in a really good waxing pot, a two-in-one waxing pot is ideal as you can have two types of waxes warming up at the same time. Have a mixture of hot/hard wax and strip wax to cater to clients that may have particular skin types or are doing a mixture of sensitive and larger areas of skin at once. This is convenient having two waxes heating up on-the-go if you have a client wanting multiple areas done.

    Lycon Lycopro Duo Wax Heater 2X800G
               Lycon Lycopro Duo Wax Heater 2x800g
  •  Hot/Hard Wax should be used on the sensitive areas of the face or bikini and underarm area anyway because of the delicate and thin areas of skin. The only con is the fact that they may take a while to cool down and you need to spread the hot wax like you would icing a cake. Hot/hard waxes usually come in push out blocks of wax in individual pop-out casings, foiled trays, or in user-friendly sized shapes of discs or beads.

    Lycon Hot Wax Apricot 1kg
                      Lycon Hot Wax Apricot 1kg
  • Strip waxes are the quickest way to remove hair. You apply the wax on with the hair growth and then apply the calico strip on top and rip off the strip of material against the grain of the hair. Strip wax usually comes in tubs and should be used for larger areas of the skin like legs, arms, back etc.

    Lycon Strip Wax Rosette 800ml
    Lycon Strip Wax Rosette 800ml
  • For strip waxes, you need a bountiful amount of calico strips. At AMR we have an array of either pre-cut or rolls of unbleached and bleached strips of calico for purchase.

    Glammar Professional Calico Roll 7 cm x 50 m Unbleached
    Glammar Professional Calico Roll 7cm x 50m Unbleached
  • Pre and post-are for the client come in many different solutions of powders, creams, lotions, oils, sprays and gels. At AMR we offer a variety to choose from to cater to each client before and after every waxing appointment, some even come in two-in-one bottles.

Post Waxes

  • Two in one pre and post-wax bottles
  • Beauty therapy is not pretty. The washing of towels, scrubbing of floors and general cleaning is certainly not something they mention enough at beauty school. Waxing rooms should look magnificent and hygienic. A wax pot is always to be shining and clean after each client before the next one arrives. Ensure no wax residue remains anywhere but the wax pot and the bin is to be out of a client’s sight. I’ve seen salons with strings of strip wax all over pots, trolleys and floors. There’s nothing worse than a client getting home from a treatment with wax stuck to the bottom of their feet or shoes or even worse their clothes. Yes, all very basic, but all too often forgotten! At AMR we have citrus removers that will remove off any stubborn waxes for a cleaner and fresher smelling environment.
  • After you are done with your client advise them to do some TLC when they are at home with taking care of their skin. Giving the freshly waxed area 48 hours to rest and recuperate advise your client to encourage exfoliating that certain area to stimulate blood flow for hair growth to avoid those annoying ingrown hairs. Here are a few products below to encourage your clients to purchase these from your store to prevent the increase of those pesky ingrown hairs from occurring.

    Lycon Ingrown X-IT Solution 125g
                        Lycon Ingrown X-IT Solution
  • With running a beauty salon, never think you or your staff know it all, especially with waxing! There are so many wonderful techniques, hints and tips you can gain learning from each other. Something that may seem so simple and obvious to one may be a turning point for someone else in how they will do things. Spend time once a month with all your staff performing a treatment and see just what you can learn from each other. Look into specialised training in certain techniques such as Brazilian waxing. It can often take more formal classes for therapists to become comfortable in performing treatments like this. Investing in your staff is certainly worth every penny!

So there you have it, all the tips and product advice that you need to be a successful waxing expert. So come and join us at AMR Training Academy with Michele Hetherington leading the pack with JAX WAX and AMR in her fun and educational waxing classes.

Keep an eye on our training academy for up-coming workshops and classes or read more about pain-free waxing!

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