Pain Free Waxing – Tips For A Better Waxing Experience

October 6, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

Pain Free Waxing Tips

With summer just around the corner, it is time to get summer body ready and to shed off all those layers of clothes and unwanted hair. Do you want to give waxing a try, pain free waxing that is? Does such a thing actually exist? It can, but it depends on your pain threshold and the methods you use. For first timers nonetheless, the anticipation of getting your first wax can be quite daunting, especially when it comes to the downstairs business. It will hurt no question, but gradually over time it will get easier. So here are some tips to tackle it head on whether you be in the comfort of your own home doing it privately or leaving it to the experts to take care of business.

Aunt Flo, can you like not? 

If you are planning to get a Brazilian done at home or at the salon, try and avoid going one week before and after your period. The reason being is because during this time, your hormones are raging so your pain threshold is a few notches lower. Ideally, a woman’s pain tolerance is highest during the most fertile time of your cycle, so this is usually about three or four days after her period.

Breathe Easy

It is only normal to clench your body tight and hold your breath when getting waxed, but try to avoid this if you can. Regulating your breathing during a waxing session will calm your nerves and senses. Take a deep breath and exhale when the wax is being pulled off your body. Or if breathing doesn’t cut it for you, turn your head and cough when the wax is being pulled off this helps as a noisy and funny distraction between you and your beauty therapist.

Baby Steps

Venturing into the world of wax can be complex in regards to what kind of wax to use, what technique, where to apply it and how much pain can you handle. It is recommended you start off in small sections. Waxing ads make it look easy and simple when you see them apply the wax smoothly in one fluid motion that is about 20 centimetres long, but doing this yourself will make your at-home waxing experience messy and difficult. Being a beginner and applying long sections of wax will make it too dry and too hard to pull off in one go, so opt for little patches of wax to rip off. Try first to apply wax the size of a watch. When you get the hang of things and become more confident, go a little bigger in size application.

Pinkini Hot Wax

Tip: Hot wax is ideal for more sensitive areas like your face, underarms and bikini areas and strip wax is best used for your other areas like your arms and legs.

Trim it

Make sure your hair is at the right length to ensure a painless waxing experience. The hairs should be no longer than a centimetre. The longer the hair, the more resistance you are allowing for the wax to come off. You can self groom with a little trim or get your beauty therapist to do it for you.

I’ve become so numb

If you are extremely sensitive and do not have a high tolerance to pain, try to use a numbing spray. Use a numbing spray 30 minutes prior to your waxing appointment to get the best results for pain free waxing. Try using Natural Look’s numbing spray as it reduces the pain of waxing, electrolysis, tweezing, ear and body piercing.

                  Natural Look Numbing Spray

Tip: User beware, apply only on the surface of the skin and not internally (if you know what I mean).

Take the pressure down

In my experiences with beauty therapists waxing my unwanted hairs, what I find helps immensely to ease the pain is when they apply pressure to the waxed area for a few seconds. They then move on and do another area if I do feel extra sensitive in that area. Putting pressure on the waxed area gives you some relief so that you’re not in shock with the initial rip of the strip or wax.

Tip: If you are doing a home job, ensure that you are not going over the section you waxed over and over again to get the little hairs. Continuously going over freshly waxed skin over and over again to get the stubborn hairs is going to make your skin extremely tender, raw, red and sore.

Tight like a tiger

Another way to make your waxing experience less painful is to pull your skin taut in the direction that you are pulling whether this be at home or assisting your beauty therapist. This technique allows the wax strip to rip off the hairs with ease without lifting your skin at the same time.

It puts the lotion on its skin

After a wax session I ask for the beauty therapist to apply a soothing lotion to my freshly waxed areas to cool down those sensitive spots. Lycon Soothing Cream is a luxurious cream enriched with shea butter and chamomile to re-hydrate and soothe skin after waxing. The skin is moisturised and delicately perfumed with its rose scent.

Tip: If you are doing this at home, place the soothing lotion in the fridge for the whole duration of your at-home waxing session and then once you are down, take it out of the fridge to apply it on your sensitive areas. This will make the lotion extra cooler to relieve and calm your agitated skin.

Team Wax – Pain Free Waxing

If you have joined the waxing wagon, ensure that you stick to your waxing plan from now on as continuously shaving in between your waxing sessions may make it more painful. Shaving makes your hair feel coarser and thicker as when you shave, you are cutting the hair at an angle. Imagine that your hair follicle looks like a javelin where it is tapered at the point and when you cut that off bluntly, the hair will regularly grow with the blunt cut off end making it feel more rough and spiky. Waxing rips the hair follicle right out of the root for a new hair follicle to grow make it feel softer.

So there you have it guys, some tips that you can take with you to your next beauty appointment for pain-free waxing. If you want to be a trained professional in waxing, come along to our training academy to learn more or read about how to become a waxing expert!

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