Top 10 Best Fade Haircuts

Fade haircuts
June 13, 2017

Samantha Bun

Fade Haircuts

Fade haircuts hav become extremely popular as of late, although it has been practiced for years. Traditionally, the fade accompanied shorter hair styles, but now we are starting to see it with longer hair styles at the top. There are many variations of the fade, including the classic, low, mid and high cut fades. The fade has been evolved to go with classic hairstyles such as the pompadour and undercuts that are longer at the top and faded on the sides.

To achieve a fade, barbers first cut the sides of the hair short with clippers. The length depends on the preference, but most fades start with shaved sides and taper towards the top. The beauty of the fade is you can style it however you like at the top.

Here are some handy tips for achieving the best fade:

  • A mid or tapered fade for a smart and simple look
  • A scissor fade is best if you do not want to commit to an obvious clipper fade
  • A skin fade is great for when hair is shorter at the top
  • A low fade suits men with a beard or stubble
  • Men with tight curls or afro hair can go for a temp fade
  • For fine hair, used styling mud to create a matte or textured look
  • For thicker hair, use a pomade to hold it in place

Products will be recommended once you reach the bottom of some of our favourite fade styles.

Low Fade Haircuts

A low fade hairstyle is when the fade finishes about 2 to 3 inches above the hairline. the top is usually cut like a classic fade, or however you please.

fade haircuts


Mid Fade Haircuts

The mid fade lands somewhere between the temples and above the neck, raising the hairline for a more dramatic effect. The top again can be cut and styled anyway you like! The medium fade emphasises the style at the top.

fade haircuts for men


High Fade Haircuts

The high fade is brought up all the way to the top – it creates a gradient between the hair and the skin for a more subtle transition.

fade haircuts


Classic Fade

The classic fade cut is tapered to the skin around the hairline and increases to approximately 1/2-inch length at the parietal ridge. The classic fade is a timeless style that keeps you looking fresh and sharp!

fade haircuts


Disconnected Fade

A disconnected fade cut features longer hair on the top with an immediate disconnect instead of a gradual fade. The sides are shorter in length than the top which gives it a shorter amount of tapering.

fade haircuts


Skin Fade Undercut

The undercut is the same as having a skin fade, but the grade shortens more suddenly leaving it in an undercut style. This style looks great if you plan on growing your hair at the top to slick back.


fade haircuts


Messy Fade

The messy fade is basically a mid to high fade with the top long and styled messy. This look definitely makes a man look more relaxed and casual.

fade haircuts


Jagged Fade

A jagged fade is a rough fade going against the tight lines of a classic fade – this is a more modern adaption of the fade.

fade haircuts

Pompadour Fade

Elvis Presley made the pompadour cut  popular and it has endured until now, modernised into the pompadour fade.

fade haircuts


Products to style your fade


Using a good shampoo is essential to grooming as it helps keep your hair soft and healthy,  and easier to style.

The 18 in 1 detox range would be perfect for anyone looking for a fresh scent that will prevent their hair from getting oily and dry


Wax is one of the most versatile styling products for men’s hair. Apply a small amount and style away to a variety of different looks.

                 RedOne Red Aqua Wax Full Force
        RedOne Green Matte Wax Full Force


RedOne waxes are a favourite as they smell so nice on your hair while also creating long-lasting styles and maintaining the desired shape. Oiliness and hardening does not occur on your hair and it can easily be washed off. Available in aqua for a smooth look or in matte.

Styling Mud 

Styling mud is a combination of clay ingredients and wax for creating rougher and natural styles.

             O3 Hair Ocean Styling Mud

Solidify your style with a mouldable styling mud that hardens with a low sheen long-lasting rock solid finish. The unusual styling ability of the styling mud provides a strong holding effect that is quick drying so you can add definition, spikes and texture to create instant lasting new fashion styles that stays in shape all day.

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