Top 12 Makeup Hacks, Tips And Tricks

June 14, 2018

Tako Phanoraj

Does your partner dread waiting for you to get ready for a day event or even a night out? So it seems, it’s the makeup part that gets the most allocated time, from getting your application done perfectly and fixing up any boo-boos along the way. Well down below are some makeup hacks, tips and tricks that I have found that are life-changing and will get you out of the door quick-smart before your partner even has the time to put their shoes on.

Fake lashes won’t stick? 

1. Ever attempt to try and stick on a pair of false eyelashes and no matter how hard you try, they never stick on properly or they don’t even last the whole night and start to lift at the ends? Well, here is a tip that will definitely change your life. Take your false eyelash and measure it to the length of your eyelid. Once you have found the right length, snip the end of the eyelash, usually the longer side of lashes. Once you have the right length, you will then cut the eyelash into three sections. Yes, you heard correctly; cut the eyelashes into three sections. You will now place them into sections next to each other instead of having the thick band. This will help your false eyelashes adhere to your eyelid more as the new short strips will mould to your eyelid.

Modelrock Premium Lashes Double Diva
Modelrock Premium Lashes Double Diva

The perfect pout 

2. To get your lipstick to look perfectly pouty and crisp. Take a small concealer brush and a tiny dab of concealer and carefully go over the edges of your lips to perfect your lip line area. This will clean up any messy or crooked lines to give you an accentuated lip as the concealer will clear up the mess. Be sure to clean your brush with every stroke you do. This is particularly great to get all those close up Instagram pictures of your lips and trending lipstick. TOP TIP: Using one shade lighter than your foundation will make it look poutier.

Your  natural lashes that just won’t curl

3. If you are burdened with dead straight eyelashes like me, well then fear not. A trick that I use to enhance my eyelashes even more with an eyelash curler is to use a hairdryer to warm it or heat up. After it is safe to use around my eyelid, I use it to curl my eyelashes to give it that instant curl.

Parlux Advance Light Light Gold Ceramic & Ionic Hairdryer
Parlux Advance Light Light Gold Ceramic & Ionic Hairdryer

Colour match your foundation

4. This is more of a tip than a hack which I personally use and swear by. It might sound crazy and weird, but please bear with me. This is how I choose the right foundation colour for my skin tone: I would pack a small compact mirror with me and go out to the shops bare faced. I choose three foundation colours that would be the closest shade to my skin on my face and test it on my jawline down to my neck; a stroke for each foundation. As ridiculous as it may seem, I would then go outside of the shopping centre and have my face towards natural sunlight, raise my compact mirror high enough to see which shade of foundation has “disappeared” into my skin. Whichever shade has disappeared, I would then purchase. The reason being why we must test down the area of our jawline to our neck is because we want the foundation to blend with our face and neck and not make us look like floating heads. The reason why I suggest going out into the natural light is only that in certain shops there are mirrors and synthetic or artificial lighting that make the foundation appear perfect in the store lighting but in reality, it either looks too light or too dark for your skin. And from then on I will write down the name of this foundation in my “Notes” section of my smartphone to keep it on file. And whenever I run out I use that foundation brand and name to use as a reference for other future foundations from other brands. TOP TIP: During the warmer climates I would just go up a shade or two darker to match with my summer tan referring to the original foundation shade.

Mascara smudges ruining your life?

5. Don’t you hate when you’re coating your lashes with mascara and you sneeze or somehow accidentally dab an area of your makeup, so you are left with an annoying mascara smudge or dot? Hold off from the makeup remover and cotton pad, do something else like apply your lipstick, comb your hair or style your hair. Wait for that pesky mascara smudge to dry, then grab a dry cotton bud. DO NOT wet it, simply wipe away the mascara dot with the dry cotton bud and voila, good as new makeup without the inconvenience of having to do your whole face again.

Cotton buds
Easy lip service

6. A hack that I have found for when applying liquid lipsticks in pristine strokes is by using an angled eyeliner brush. The straight angled lines of the brush gives me control and precision I need when applying liquid lipsticks to get into the tight areas around my mouth.

The makeup mask

7. This is one for the long-haired ladies after you have done a full face of makeup and you still have to change into your actual outfit for the event, and you realise that it is a top or a dress that must go over your head… You are either in danger of smearing the makeup or staining your top, especially if it’s a pretty crisp white one. What to do in this instance? I have personally have tried this myself and it actually works! Cover your glammed up face with all of your hair so that you are resembling Cousin It, as all of your hair is covering your whole face, then put your top or dress through over your head. Your hair will be used as some type of mask or shield to protect your outfit and your makeup.

Dry gel liner fix 

8. If you have run out of Inglot’s Duraline and your favourite brow pomade or gel eyeliner seem worse for wear, all dry and cracked, a quick solution is to add a few drops of eyedrop solution in there. The eye drop solution will liquify the formula again and make it good as new.

Eye drops

DIY lash thickness

9. If you love a thick and full-blown eyelash mascara look but have run out of your favourite thickening mascara, this little clever hack will give you instant thickness. Curl your lashes like you would normally do, apply any ordinary mascara that you have lying around. While it is still wet, take a cotton bud and dip it into some baby powder or loose translucent face powder. Tap away any excess and apply it onto the wet mascara, coating your lashes. It should look a little crazy and chalky on your lashes but don’t worry you will then apply another coat of mascara onto your lashes and voila! Instant thickened lashes. TOP TIP: For any excess powder that has fallen on your face, just dust off with a powder brush and you’re ready to head out the door.

Soft natural makeup

10. When doing your brow makeup, you may have noticed you have gone slightly a little ham with the product. Instead of having to wipe off all the brow product just take a clean mascara wand and brush out the product to buff out the intensity.

Disposable Mascara Wands

Fix it!

11. If you have a broken or smashed up powder compact or makeup palette, whether it be a blush, foundation, bronzer, highlighter or an eyeshadow in powder form, you can most certainly save it. Take your crushed up makeup item and further crush up the powder until they are somewhat semi-fine pigments. Pour some Isopropyl alcohol into a shot glass and pour little by little the alcohol onto the crushed pigments and taking a spatula move and smooth out the makeup to fit into the designated surface. Once you are happy with this,  take a paper towel and press out any excess liquid. And then voila you are done! Good as new. The alcohol will not affect the formula.

All-purpose lipstick 

12.  If you have a salmon, pink, orange or red coloured cream lipstick in your makeup collection, why not use that as a hack for a colour corrector concealer? Salmon or pink based tones hide blue or purple shades for fairer skin tones. And the orange and red coloured tones hide brown or dark under eye pigmentation for our darker skinned beauties. TOP TIP: And to make even more use of your lipstick, why not blend that out onto your cheeks as a cream blush for that natural rosy look? Be careful not to get any lipstick stains or you’ll need tips on how to remove them!

Kryolan Makeup - Lipstick
Kryolan Lipstick

These hacks, tips and tricks may cut your time in half, or maybe they won’t, but it will open your eyes to certain little things to do in the meantime. So there you have it guys, if you have any makeup hacks of your own please let us know in the comments down below.

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