Top 5 Australian-Made Shampoo Brands

australian-made shampoo brands
November 22, 2021

Rachael Grant

Some of the world’s most popular shampoo brands are made and sold in Australian facilities – Toni & Guy, Aveda, and the French L’Occitane are notable examples. But there are exclusive, Australian-only manufactured shampoos that benefit from the progressive beauty industry and the unique extracts native to the Australian environment. Because local manufacturers are heavily invested in the research and development of the latest technologies, it is hard to pick up the pace with the shampoos that rank among the top. Accounting for the latest 2021 trends in the hairdressing industry, we have made a list of the top five Australian-made shampoos that are filling customers’ shopping carts fast.


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1. Eleven Australia

The Eleven brand shampoo is made in Australia, as the name suggests, using Australian botanical extracts and vegan-friendly (check for the rare exclusion), cruelty-free, paraben-free, and sulphate-free manufacturing practices.  It seems that Eleven Australia ticks all the right boxes of modern haircare: shampoos are not tested on animals, you don’t get lather all over your bathtub, and you spend less of the same shampoo to clean hair thoroughly because of the concentrated ingredients. Can one brand meet the needs for beautiful hair for every hair type, texture, and colour of hair? Yes, when the solution to your most prevailing hair issue is literally spelled on the bottle.

But Eleven Australia shampoos are not only timesavers when reading long labels. Here are the concrete benefits of the most wanted Eleven shampoos that deserve your time, attention, and a spot in your beauty bag: deep cleansing, hydration, volume, heat protection, and anti-frizz and the respective Eleven Australia shampoos:

If in a hurry, don’t forget to check Eleven dry shampoos!

2. Evo

Another very affordable and purely Australian-made shampoo brand is Evo. You will recognize the simple clean design of Evo shampoos immediately and fall in love with them if you like your bottles as squeaky clean as your hair and your bathroom.

  • Evo Hydrate The Therapist Hydrating Shampoo. Tender to the scalp and protective of your colour, this hydrating formula will find its place among your favourite Australian-made shampoos for everyday care.
  • Evo Repair Ritual Salvation Repairing Shampoo. The cuticle reconstruction formula works against harmful UV rays and saves brittle hair while cleaning unwanted hair product residue. Having a solid amount of proteins, this Evo shampoo will restore your hair vitality after every wash.
  • Evo Smooth Mane Tamer Smoothing Shampoo. Heavy shampoos can make the hair fight for environmental hydration and create frizz as a result. The mild-cleansing and detangling formula prevents the loss of moisture and produces a silky effect and an easy-to-style texture.

Evo makes a full range of body and skincare alongside caring for your hair in a cruelty-free way based on natural ingredients. Don’t ruin the results of a good clean by applying the wrong texturiser or styler; the Evo Style has something for everybody in a variety of hairstyling formulas, including clay, pomades, pastes, sprays, and sculpting creams.

3. De Lorenzo

De Lorenzo is the true epitome of traditional Australian haircare with a contemporary environmental focus that cares as much for nature as for its delighted customers. With a range that encompasses over ten therapeutic haircare lines and dozens of shampoos, all Australian-made, it is impossible not to find something that suits you.  The abundance is the main obstacle to narrowing down the choice to only a handful of products:

  • De Lorenzo Novafusion Silver Shampoo. To eliminate yellow tones in blonde hair and add shine to grey hair. It contains UV inhibitors that enhance natural or coloured hair.
  • De Lorenzo ACCENTU8 Shampoo. Vegan-certified shampoo with Australian seaweed and ginseng extracts that protect fine hair from the damaging effects of heat styling tools.
  • De Lorenzo REJUVEN8 Shampoo. Improves blood circulation thanks to powerfully stimulating ingredients made from Baobab Protein, Ginkgo Biloba and Berry extracts.
  • De Lorenzo Bond Defence Shampoo. Infused with natures’ most sought-after Argan oil, this Australian-produced shampoo reduces damage from chemical treatments and maintains a healthy scalp, acting as dandruff prevention.
  • De Lorenzo Tricho Sensitive Shampoo. If you need an anti-hair loss saviour shampoo – this is it. Because of the organic marrubium, chamomile flower, and fennel fruit extracts, it is safe to use on very thin, coarse hair and improve its health visibly after several weeks of regular use. It doesn’t contain fragrance or sodium laureth sulphate, making it effective for sensitive scalps.

Redheads, add a splash of red life to your fading red colour with the De Lorenzo Cooper Shampoo.

4. Vitaman

The “it” brand of fast and efficient male grooming doesn’t disappoint with its range of limited yet effective shampoos for men. The easy way to get the best out of Vitaman products is to grab one of their skincare or grooming kits. But in case you are looking for a locally-produced shampoo that will serve you for a long time to come, check the Vitaman Moisturising Shampoo if you have dry hair or the Vitaman Oil Control Shampoo if you have a greasy scalp that requires deep cleansing products.


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5. Muk

Muk is best known for its styling products but is galloping fast to get into the top league of Australian shampoo manufacturers.  The reason it comes a bit lower on this list is that it is a bit more expensive than the other brands. But if you are not shy from investing in a shampoo that will maximise the benefits at a professional-level quality, here is a short selection on Muk shampoos to help you find the favourite:

  • Muk Blonde Muk Toning Shampoo. Gently cleanses coloured hair and removes — you guessed it — the undesirable brassy tones, keeping blonde colour fresh.
  • Muk Vivid Colour Lock Shampoo. Packed with proteins, UV filters, and zinc, it protects colour from fading.
  • Muk Deep Muk Ultra Soft Shampoo. Bonded hair extensions require special care; you cannot wash them with any shampoo, but you will extend their life with this gentle shampoo for chemically treated hair.

We will keep you up-to-date with novelties around Australian-made shampoos and haircare. Being one of the fastest-developing beauty industries, a lot of exciting news lies ahead. Oh, we also told you to check out these 5 brands, but checkout 18in1 if you want something extra special! Shh, it’s our hidden secret!

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