My Top 5 Favourite Beauty Influencers You Should Follow

July 12, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

Have you ever admired or borderline stalked your idols on social media from afar, not behind a shrub of bushes or behind a tree so to speak, but from the palm of your hand on your phone? Have you ever liked every single photo and commented on most of their photos with positive words of encouragement, proclaimed love for them or posted smiley faces or heart emojis? I know I have. Here are some of my favourite beauty influencers, vloggers, inspirational artists and down-right creative geniuses that I admire and follow.

1. Carlibel

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Carli Bybel has established herself as quite the entrepreneur in her own right. With a staggering Instagram following of 4.8 million followers, do you wonder how she got there? It started off with her own Youtube channel in 2011 with a simple “How to” video on curling your hair with a hair straightener. Other videos soon followed, but the one that she was most known was for the makeover she did on herself with a likeness to celebrity Megan Fox. From there, she has exploded into the social media scene and creating her own self-titled brand with the spin off of her last name Bybel. Carli has her own website, a blog, two Youtube channels promoting physical beauty and inner beauty. Her topics she discloses on those platforms are hair, beauty, and fashion.

Carli has made collaborations with cosmetic brand BH Cosmetics to create her own makeup palette that is vegan and cruelty-free, which include a variety of eye shadow colours and illuminating highlighters. Another collaboration she has done was design a line of outfits with the online clothing brand Missguided. She also started her very own company called Pranava Beauty, where the name “Pranava” means “cosmic sound” in Sanskrit, which is also the same name for the yoga mantra “Om”.

She specifically designed a line of bracelets she wanted to do to give back to charity. The charity she works alongside with is WAH Global which offers water and healthcare to impoverished communities in Cambodia. Profits of her bracelets go towards a  scholarship program she has created to provide tertiary education for 120 girls to be sent to the Bright Hope Institute for four years providing them with housing, meals, books and tuition and all that they need for their schooling. In April 2017 she personally flew to Cambodia with her partner Brett Cap to give the girls a cheque for US$100,000 from the proceeds of her charity bracelets. This inspiring YouTuber is obviously physically beautiful but radiates this sense of beautiful compassion and a heart-warming message of light and love through her soul.

2. Melissa Sassine Makeup

Melissa Sassine has definitely got to be my favourite Australian beauty influencer to date. She has been in the industry for over 10 years now. She has established her own empire, dominating the bridal scene for her distinctive bridal look and forming her own brand of cosmetics called MS cosmetics which include a line of foundations, primers, concealers, contouring and powder compacts as well as palettes, lipsticks, lip liners, lip glosses, eyebrow products, gel eyeliner pencils, eyeshadows in compacts, and loose pigments and highlighters.

Melissa has her own educational facility known as MS Academy that she opened up in 2015 as she noticed something was lacking in the education department when it came to aspiring makeup students wanting to launch their careers and focus in the glamour and bridal industry as qualified makeup artists. Melissa Sassine’s social media via Instagram and Snapchat is an insight into her world of brides, her educational classes with her students and staff, product launches of her own products or as well as products that other companies send her, photo shoots, foodie snaps, her love of high fashion and of course her partner and family. Her empire is continuously booming with her expertise high in demand allowing her to travel interstate and internationally. Her following currently is at 504,000 on her Instagram page which she updates regularly.

3. KKim Thai

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Kim started dabbling in makeup during a trip she went on overseas to visit family. Since coming back from that trip she has discovered her addiction for her love of all things hair and beauty related. From there she started to obtain skills for hair and makeup that she then applied to her friends for Prom and Homecoming events and dances during her junior and senior years of school. Of December 2014 she started her own YouTube channel with the encouragement from her school friends to turn this hobby of hers into a channel and has blew up on the social scene from there in merely the past two years. She has used her page to promote beauty, travel and lifestyle. Kim is and advocate for anti-bullying and self-love, she embraces her imperfections and flaws, celebrating her not so stereotypical Asian body type, her unique round face and her stretch marks. With a following of 446, 000 followers and only just over two years under her belt she can only go up and up from here.

4. Glam and Gore

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I stumbled on Mykie’s Glam and Gore Instagram page by accident one day. As I scrolled through on her page, she really is just a breath of fresh air. Her Snapchat and Instagram accounts are quite funny and kooky like her personality. A film school graduate and self-taught makeup artist, her passion for special effects and film have evolved from there, catapulting her social media name through the roof. What I enjoy most about her is the fact that she consistently mixes it up. Her knowledge of makeup, special effects, filming techniques and industry advice have given avid viewers an understanding that you can be pretty and gory by using these techniques that she showcases on her channel which she first launched in March 2014. She is clever in a way where she does not waste her looks on just one day of editing, instead she transforms her cute-as-a-button look into a horrifyingly gruesome spin off. An example of this can be seen in her Disney Halloween series or her makeup tutorial of Game of Thrones character Khaleesi/ Danenerys Targaryean. A winner of the NYX 2015 Beauty Vlogger of the year awards her hard work has paid off as she truly is a fun person to watch and laugh along with. She has a whopping following of 1.3 million followers on Instagram and has two YouTube channels titled Glam and Gore and Mykie which she talks about topics not related to beauty.

5. Freakmofx

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Kiana Jones, this Australian girl, truly has a gift of making things so realistic and creepy it makes you shudder at the thought of how accurate her portrayals of  scary things are. Originally from Perth she has moved to Sydney to pursue her dreams and career to get her foot in the door of the competitive movie industry. She has worked on two movie sets, Kong: Skull Island and Top Knot Detective. Her videos are quite squeamish but a thrill to watch no less, but they are definitely not for the faint of heart. She meticulously gives attention to detail with all her intricate prosthetic craftsmanship as well as all her other non-scary projects. The Facebook page The Lad Bible has featured her ghastly special effects skills and within 24 hours hit 8.5 million views. Kiana has a following of 153,000 followers on Instagram.






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