How To Shave Your Legs – 7 Tips & Tricks

November 2, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

How To Shave Your Legs  – Yeah yeah, shaving legs, what’s the big deal? It’s a no-brainer. Every girl should know how to shave your legs. It’s like a rite of passage, right? Wrong. I remember my first shaving of the legs experience and my silly teenager mistakes when it came to shaving. Seeing my older sister’s pink disposable Bic razor that reminded me of musk sticks as a kid and curiosity got the better of me, so I went to town on my legs in the bathtub. Then a week later in primary school, I noticed my leg hairs were darker than the other girl’s in my year. I had an inkling why, but never came to terms with it until reaching high school and had to face all those body confidence woes. Like my eyebrow waxing dilemmas as a teen I have had many shaving blunders, too, like shaving my hair on dry skin (I was in year 8) with no shaving cream or water – legit, dry skin because you know… I was bored and wanted to try it, and it was a Tuesday night, so why not shave my legs completely dry? And by golly, the itch! OMG! The scratching and irritation that night. If I knew then what I know now, like a skilled swordsman I would have been a skilled leg shaver by now. So let’s get shaving the proper way for a silky smooth legged summer.

How to Shave your legs

1. Exfoliate – Ensure that in the shower you exfoliate your legs before you start shaving. This will rid you of any dead skin cells that will clog up your blades while you run it against your legs. This will give you a closer shave and will minimise cuts and razor burns. Any moisturiser should help so don’t stress too much about the brand you use. I would just recommend going for a brand you’ve used before to ensure you don’t have a reaction to it and it’s a good PH for your skin.

2. At the end of the shower – It is best to wait until the end of your showering time when you shave as the steam and hot water will help to soften your skin and hair by opening up the pores.

3. Lather up– Not only is water and a razor vital for shaving your legs but lathering up is crucial to getting a nice smooth stroke. Without lathering, you are prone to getting cut and nicked. Get your razor and ditch the soap. Instead, opt for a shaving cream like our Arko Men Shave Gel Hydrate which ensures a comfortable and smooth shave thanks to its special formula with vitamin E and extra moisturisers. It hydrates the hair to soften and protects your skin during the shave. Or even use your hair conditioner like our 18 in 1 Nourishing conditioner which is suitable for all hair types, is infused with Argan oil, Keratin, Panthenol and Vitamin E and comes with a delicious coconut scent to let your razor glide along your leg. The reason for using these as lathering tools is because using your ordinary body soap will dry out your legs as it does not offer enough lubrication so we don’t want that. We want nice smooth, supple and moisturised legs to work with. However, if your skin is sensitive and you react to any foamy shaving creams then use Dove’s Sensitive Beauty Bar Hypo- allergenic.


RedOne Face Fresh Shaving Gel 1Ltr
Red One Shaving Gel

4. Invest in a good razor – The disposable ones are great, but that’s the thing – they’re disposable. One use is what they’re really good for, especially travelling. However, I would advise you to invest in a male shaving razor. I find that they are sharper compared to the ladies ones. I feel like it gives you a closer shave and depending on some versions they come with an extra blade too. Razors that have the extra blade means that you don’t have to go over that same area more than once. I personally love using Gillette Fusion Shaving Razor. As most things in life, objects do wear and tear over time, so about 10-15 uses of your razor blade is the due time to replace your razor head with a fresh new one. Or you can put it to the test by running your razor over the same area of skin more than twice to see how effective it is or whether you need to replace it. Not only do blunt razors prove ineffective but it is a breeding ground for infection and bacteria. Now on to step 5 onto how to shave your legs.

5. Shave against the grain – Shaving against the growth of hair will give you a closer shave, so shave upwards. However, if you do happen to have sensitive skin as previously mentioned, then you want to shave with the hair growth in a downwards motion and then shave upwards. Ensure that you lather up again as you do not want to shave with un-lathered skin which causes cuts and razor burns.

6. Technique – If you notice in TV commercials promoting shaving razors, you always see them dragging the razor in one long smooth stroke which looks about over 30cm long. Looks good yes, but is it effective? No. Working in long strokes like in the ads will cause the razor to clog up causing cuts, nicks and razor burn. To get the best results to work in shorter strokes like about 10cm long. With every stroke, rinse off the “yucky” part of the lathered foam and shaven hairs and tap the head of your razor gently to remove any excess or residue and start afresh. Yes, this is an extremely tedious task, but in order to get a close shave without getting nicked this must be done. A tip that came from Kiwi youtuber and beauty blogger Shannnxo, she gives a really good tip when it comes to shaving around your knees and the best way around that area is to bend your knee forward slightly and shave it while it is bent as this will prevent you from cutting yourself.

7. Moisturise – So after you have felt around your legs for any stray unshaven hairs and both of your legs are smooth and hairless, then go in with a hydrating moisturiser. We love Adam And Eve’s Strawberry Body Lotion that smells like fresh fruity strawberries and is good enough to eat. This will certainly help to add moisture and a simple step in how to shave your legs.

If you guys liked this blog, please feel free to comment below or tell us your first time shaving horror stories too or if you have any other tips and tricks on how to shave your legs. If you aren’t a shaving kind of gal, read about pain-free waxing.

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