Top Barber Products You Need to have In Your Barbershop

June 26, 2017

Samantha Bun


Barbershops have been re-emerging all over Australia and barbering has never been so hot! If you had a chance to see the Barber Wars in May, you would have seen the artistry involved in barbering and why it has become such a popular trend over the years. Men enjoy the ritual of going to their local barber and the experience of being groomed by their favourite barber. Men are also taking care of their appearance now more than ever.

We have put together a list of hot picks of barber products here at AMR that is popular among barbers. Enjoy!


When it comes to clippers and trimmers, it is hard to beat Wahl at their game. Dominating the scene since 1919, they offer the latest and greatest in barbering equipment with modern technology. There is a clipper and trimmer for every stylist!

The traditional barber

The traditional old school barber pays homage to traditional barbering techniques practised throughout generations. Their favourite tools are:

Sterling 4 Professional Corded Clipper

The hard-working Sterling 4 corded clipper is regarded as the Rolls Royce amongst experienced professionals. It is equipped with a V5000 motor which is noted for its durability and longevity. It was designed to perform all clipper work and has a convenient adjustment thumb lever enabling tapering and texturising without having to change blades. Additional features of this all-time favourite are its rust-proof, high precision, chrome plated plates.

Sterling Stylist Professional Rechargeable Trimmer

The Sterling trimmer is designed for precision, fine details and tracks of outlining creativity and edging of necklines. Sterling trimmer completes the traditional barber’s tools of trade and complements the Sterling 4 clipper as the perfect combination.

barber products
Barber Culture Disposable Razors

Barber Culture Disposable Razors – Disposable Pack 100pk

Barber Culture disposable razors are the essential tool for every barber. They are comfortable to use, compact and convenient, most importantly they are the perfect hygiene tool. They are cost-effective, sleek in design and provide the modern-day barber with a hygienic solution for today’s health-conscious clientele.

The modern barber

The modern barber is the new wave of barbers who keep up to date with all the latest trends in hair and fashion. They combine the traditional with new styles and techniques to give you modern designs and looks. Their favourite barber products are:

Wahl 5 Star Magic Cordless Clipper

The Magic Clipper is designed by Wahl for easier handling and manoeuvring with this cordless lightweight clipper. The stagger tooth blades on the Magic Clipper produces faster feeding and optimised blending. The chrome-plated “crunch” blade technology was developed for a smoother cut. Magic is the latest in technology from Wahl and the modern-day barbers are loving it. The Wahl range has some incredible products!

Beret Cordless
Beret Cordless

Beret Professional Cord/Cordless Trimmer

The Beret Trimmer was designed for the busy barber and can last up to 75 minutes cordless when fully charged for one hour. It is super-slim quiet and lightweight, making it easy for the stylist to handle. It performs at high precision with its chrome plated blades making it ideal for close trimming and outlining. Wahl set the standards and Beret is proving to be the modern-day barber’s trimmer of choice.


                           O3 Hair styling mud



Mould your hair in style with O3 styling mud that hardens with a low sheen and long-lasting rock-solid finish. O3 provides a strong holding effect while adding definition. It is fast drying and texturises the hair into a variety of hairstyles, from spiked to traditional looks. O3’s oceanic scent is awakening of the senses while also protecting hair against the elements.


Barber Culture El Chapo Barber Chair

Barber Culture El Chapo

Of all the barber chairs at AMR, the El Chapo has been by far the most popular. Manufactured by Barber Culture, the el Chapo brings back the classic feel of the barber shop with its strong and deliberate look fashioned to suit the old style feel of traditional barber shops. Made with the finest materials and polished with gleaming metal finishes, the El Chapo evokes a sense of nostalgia while displaying classic elegance and style.


Barber Culture Scalp Master Brush


Barber Culture Scalp Master

What most people don’t know is that hair loss has much to do with lack of blood flow to certain areas of the scalp. The Scalp Master is designed with flexible polyethylene bristles to massage the scalp and help improve blood circulation along the hair follicles to promote accelerated hair growth. The other benefits clients have using the scalp master is it assists in exfoliation, removing dandruff and build-up.

Barber Culture Hair Fibres Medium Brown

Barber Culture Hair Fibres

Barber Cultures Hair Fibres are proving to be more popular among men who are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair.  It gives a thicker-looking head of hair with colours to match all hair colours. The product provides an undetectable bind that withstands wind, rain and perspiration. The compact size allows it to be taken out on the go.

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