Our Top Valentine’s Date Picks And Tips

February 13, 2018

Samantha Bun

Prepare yourself this Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air! Are you planning a romantic date with your man this Valentine’s Day? Since V-Day this year falls on a Wednesday, your partner will most likely wine and dine you at a classy restaurant. Otherwise, there could be a very special and adventurous weekend ahead! Just in case you need some ideas, Tako and I have put our heads together and decided to collaborate on this Valentine’s Day post to deliver to you the ultimate hair, makeup and outfit ensemble to make you look dashing for the event and location. We’ve got you sorted!

Sam: A Hiking Date

Hikes are a good way to spice things up with a little outdoor fun. It is adventurous, and you will get to know your partner on a whole other level. A romantic walk that is scenic, challenging and can be quite intimate, a sure way to help bond you further. It is an excellent opportunity to take some happy outdoor snaps, too!

  • What to wear: I picked the hike because I’m a big fan of some super sexy activewear – I can’t think of anything I feel sexier and more comfortable in than activewear. I’m one of those who is guilty of wearing activewear on non-active events like going shopping or on a coffee catch-up with friends. So, wearing it on a date is a bonus! Top: Make sure you have a nice crop top on – I love strappy open back crop top, especially when they show from your tank top. Though, I would recommend a thin long sleeve plain T-shirt because, from my experiences of hiking, I always end up walking out with a few scratches from the shrubbery. As you know, our bushes are full of wild Australian natives! It is also a good way to protect yourself from sunburn. You may also want to bring an extra lightweight raincoat in case. Bottoms: I would suggest some comfy leggings (for an extra level of sexiness, make it figure hugging!) However, depending on the weather, leggings might be a bit too warm and restrictive so go for a pair of breathable shorts, but be prepared for some scuffs.
  • Others: Don’t forget a cap, sunnies and a comfy pair of joggers or hiking boots. Oh, and sunscreen! The last thing you want is to be dealing with a nasty burn.

    Byotea Suntastic Sun Milk SPF50+
  • How to do your makeup: Keep it basic! I once met a makeup artist who said that she keeps it simple by applying 3 products only: a nice bb cream, blush and lipstick. Let’s face it, your face will probably melt off by the end anyway and could be really bad for your pores if you have too much makeup on. Most men seem to love women who can pull off a natural look.

  • How to do your hair: On a hike, I like to have my hair tied back and out of the way. Otherwise, it will get windy and your hair will blow everywhere, or your cap will leave a dent in your hair. Tie it in a ponytail or straight up in a plait and you’re set.


If you need some suggestions on where to go, check out https://pioneerwalks.com.au/ for some handy blogs on where to go!

Sam: A Paddleboard / Beach Date
If you’re a beach lover who is in for the more adventurous and exciting things in life, then a ride on a paddleboard will be a fun date! What a more creative way to be with your SO than to be outdoors and enjoying the splash? Some people might feel a bit self-conscious or uncomfortable if they are on their first date in their bathing suits as you are fully exposed, but if you are in the more comfortable stage of your relationship, this shouldn’t pose any problems!

  • What to wear: Your best bathing suit! I’m usually a fan of my busty bathers, but perhaps this is not recommended for a paddleboard experience. I would go with a high waisted bikini bottom and bikini top, or a one-piece bather with good coverage just in case the water gets rough or you fall in.The best thing to do is to slip a summer dress or some cute denim jeans over your bathers. Also, try to organise a waterproof bag or pouch for your phone so you can take some romantic snaps on the water. Again, don’t forget to slap on that sunscreen!
  • How to do your makeup: Again, go with the 3 points of makeup rule because the last thing you want is mascara running down your face. I know there is waterproof mascara, but still… go for that beachy glow! See this YouTube video for some drugstore makeup that will work a wonder underwater.https://youtu.be/pm2tGpCkHQk
  • How to do your hair: You’re going to get wet, so this entirely depends on you. Personally, I hate wet hair, especially when it is matted by salt water. My solution to this is to get my hair into a French braid or two and it’s out of the way! The awesome thing about having a braid is being able to release the hair into beachy waves afterward.


Sam: A Trip to the Winery
My ideal date would be a romantic getaway to the winery. So boyfriend, please take me on a trip to The Hunter Valley where we can taste test wine all day and get day drunk! Not only is wine delicious, but you can go somewhere scenic and relaxing, just enjoy one another’s company in a cosy little cottage away from all the people and bring a bottle into the bubble bath! This is such a divine thought.

  • What to wear: Be very mindful of your footwear; you want to be in something comfortable as most wineries have stand-up counters for tastings, so you want to be feeling good. You don’t want heels to sink into the ground if you are walking around a vineyard. In terms of clothing, the safest bet is to wear some nice blue denim jeans and a coloured or flowy blouse. If you are clumsy, perhaps avoid a white top so you don’t get it wine stained. Wedges would go well with this ensemble. If you are feeling extra fancy, add a scarf or a fancy hat to go with your outfit. Or wear a nice floral dress.
  • How to do your makeup: I would say to keep your makeup look nice and pretty but try not to overdo it. It really depends on how much effort you want to apply and how much want to impress. Just be mindful, lipstick oils can mess with the flavours of the wine. Perfumes could also muddle with the scent of the wine. This is why a soft and pretty daytime makeup look will be ideal.

  • How to do your hair: The ideal hairstyle for this setting is some soft curls or gentle waves that you can have loosely tied half up. Something to complement that country carefree feel while frolicking in the vineyards.


Tako: A Romantic Dinner Date at a Restaurant
There is always something fancy and just a classic romance when your significant other takes you out to a fancy restaurant. I like to consider myself a foodie and love to experience all types of cuisine at different restaurants where the vibes and clientele are different but what remains the same is great food.

  • What to wear: You cannot go wrong with these classics, a sexy little black dress or Valentine’s iconic colour of dressing up in a red dress paired with your sexiest heels. You will be dressed to the nines and it’ll ensure your date gets their heart racing.
  • How to do your makeup: Either go dramatic with the eyes for a smoky effect paired with a nude lip. Or switch it and go bold with lusty red lips and a feminine feline winged eyeliner flick for the eyes and a must-have are those fluttery false lashes. Give Mr Snuffleupagus a run for his money.
  • How to do your hair: There is always something romantic about big voluminous hair with romantic loose curls an add a quiff in the middle to set it apart from the rest with curls or just with a blow dry. It looks stunning and screams romance.

Tako: Picnic Lunch Date
There is always something romantic and sunny about a packed picnic lunch with just the two of you on a cute picnic blanket amidst Mother Nature. You can keep it no-fuss with just some sandwiches or wraps with fresh homemade pink lemonade in glass bottles, or go full hog with a fancy shmancy anti-pasto charcuterie board accompanied with your favourite wine or a bottle of the finest champers.

  • What to wear: An off the shoulder top is always a great choice to show off your tanned décolletage, paired with a nice flowy maxi dress is always nice but if you do wish to go bike riding around the park, opt for some ankle-grazing denim jeans to go with your off the shoulder top.
  • How to do your makeup: Keep it fresh, simple and dewy. Neutral eyes with coats of mascara and a pink lip is very cute and don’t forget to highlight those collarbones too.
  • How to do your hair: Milkmaid braids are such a cute and outdoorsy choice for your perfect picnic date. They keep your hair away from your face while you’re eating or bike riding and it’s a nicer way to put your hair up rather than your usual messy everyday bun. And they are super easy to do.

Tako: Amusement Park Date
This date will give you barrels of fun to enjoy with your partner. Definitely, this will be a revealing first date for some or maybe it’s something to tick off the bucket list as a couple and reliving your youth.

Wherever you go on your V-Day date, be sure to just be yourself and have a lot of fun. Nothing beats a beautiful smile and just being in the moment with your partner! Wishing you lots of love and joy this Valentine’s Day.


Tako and Sam xx

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