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What If False Eyelashes Were Quick & Easy? We Want To Introduce Ardell Lashes

A woman with Ardell Eyelashes
July 22, 2022

Sharnee Rawson

Over the past two decades, false eyelashes have become a must. These nifty products add bold dimension to the eyes, and they’ve become favourites for celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Cindy Crawford and Madonna. Yet, falsies also have a reputation for complex applications and limited choices. Big, bold and complicated are the norm. 

Except, what if a brand offered false eyelashes without hassle?

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Ardell Lashes is a leading creator of false eyelashes around the globe. They offer an extensive selection of products, including glamour, romantic and natural-style. For application, you can use traditional glue or increasingly popular magnetic liner. There are even world-first Aqua Lashes! Plain tap water activates the glue, which means you can ‘dip and stick’ in seconds. 

If you’re like us, you like to learn all the facts before investing in a new product. For instance, which Ardell Lashes should you use? How much do their products cost? Most importantly, will they suit your needs?

Together, let’s investigate whether Ardell Lashes is as exceptional as they claim.

The History of False Eyelashes

To understand why convenient lashes are so valuable, it’s important to recall their history. 

It might be surprising to learn, but the attraction to long eyelashes has endured for hundreds of years. 

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In Ancient Rome, writer Pliny the Elder praised the virtue of women with long eyelashes. However, it was the 19th century when the trend exploded. Women attempted to glue human hair to their eyelids, which was often unsuccessful. The most extreme beauty thrillseekers even used needles to implant lashes into their eyelids. Apparently, this was quite a popular procedure

In the 20th century, traditional false eyelashes were finally introduced. Yet, there is some confusion about their creator. The top contenders are Anna Taylor, a Canadian woman who patented fabric-and-hair lashes, and a hairdresser called Kael Nessler, who sold false eyelashes at his salon.

Whoever the creator may be, the invention of plastic lashes in the 1950s saw an explosion of large and dramatic looks. Hollywood starlets from Marilyn Monroe to Rita Hayworth batted their new lashes on-camera and during events. 

Now, false eyelashes are staples in most makeup bags. And we’re thankful for it!

Background: Is Ardell Lashes A Good Brand?

Ardell is not a lash newbie. The American brand was founded in 1971 by the husband and wife team Arnold and Sydell Miller. Together, they realised there was a gap in the market. Women wanted unforgettable eyes but didn’t want to spend hours pasting on ill-made lashes.

So, Ardell Lashes focused on quality, affordability and convenience.  Unsurprisingly, their lashes earned a reputation for greatness — with bonus points for ethical behaviour. 

Each product is created with an emphasis on safety. Lashes can be worn by contact lens wearers, and you can even sleep in them. Best of all, no animal testing is performed, which means a guilt-free shopping experience.

With 50 years of experience, Ardell Lashes is still leading the international market.

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What Are The Most Popular Ardell Lashes?

The biggest question when browsing Ardell Lashes is what style to choose. There are options for every occasion. You can attend full-glamour events with Double Up, or add romance to your look using Wispies. With the Natural style, everyday fullness is easy. 

Choose from three different looks. Plus, browse countless variations in length, shape and colour.

Double Up Lashes

For the most dramatic and glamorous looks, Double Up is recommended. 

As the name suggests, these products contain twice the traditional number of lashes. Volume is maximised and so is length. Plus, Double Up has extra-long stands that are lightweight on the eyes. No one wants heavy, tired lids when attending a big event.

Ardell Lashes only designs the highest-quality lashes, which is why each eyelash is knotted and feathered by hand.

These staggered Double Ups are ideal for creating a doe-eyed appearance. A combination of rounded lashes with long central fibres and short corner fibres supports a gentle effect. They’re also lightweight, comfortable and suited to multiple wears.

Sweeping lashes are available with Double Up #202. Using twice the number of lashes, fullness and drama are boosted. It’s the perfect way to craft smokey-eyed looks for big events. 

Searching for a truly unique look? Ardell Double Up #206 is a specialised lash. The intense staggered effect lends a Twiggy-esque look to your eyes. Except, the double stacking means extra ‘WOW.’

The bestselling Demi Wispies are now even better. The Ardell team has stacked two of these products for a darker, fluffier look. There is plenty to appreciate: flare, feathering curl and crisscross. Don’t waste any more time. Click the link and press ‘ADD TO CART’ before these sell out (if they haven’t already).

For even more coverage, choose Double Up Top & Bottom. These medium-length accessories are ideal for a crisscrossed style. The bottom lashes are quite small, but don’t fret about the application. Purchase Ardell Brush On Lash Adhesive for clear glue that hides possible mistakes.


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Wispies are a happy medium between Double Up and Natural

These robust, lightweight lashes feature an invisible band for a subtle look. Wispies are perfect for jaw-dropping beauty without brazenness. They’re particularly suited for romantic outings due to their softness and aptness for fluttering.

No, these lashes aren’t intended for babies, but the smaller style does create wide-eyed charm. Baby Demi Wispies successfully creates subtle fullness for casual beauty. Confidently attend brunches, workplace meetings, classes and more with these lashes.

These feathery and flared lashes are made for grabbing attention. Like other Ardell lashes, they are comfortable, lightweight and handmade. However, there is one key difference. This product contains an invisible band to eliminate the liner-look of most alternatives.


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Natural-Style Lashes

When mascara isn’t quite enough, Natural lashes are best. 

These fine falsies are lighter, shorter and more subtle. Regardless, there is still plumpness for an eye-catching look. Wear Natural lashes during daytime events, such as dates and lunches. Even the workplace would be appropriate.

Choose from multiple different styles to suit the occasion, including:

Try the flirtiest lashes in the Ardell collection with Invisibands Lacies. This product features standard volume, but the length is exceptional. The Ardell team is well-versed in attention-to-detail, which is why there is subtle crisscrossing at the base of the lash to create feathering. 

Invisibands Scanties are simultaneously natural and unique. This may sound like an oxymoron, but there the combination works well. The shorter length and invisible band mean subtly. Meanwhile, the staggered lashes add distinctiveness to the appearance. 

Another natural look is available with Invisibands Sweeties. These fine and staggered lashes are designed for all eye types, which means anyone can enjoy bonus fullness. 

These fine and ethereal lashes are the finishing touch for any sophisticated assemble. Wear them multiple times for big or small occasions. 

Invisibands Fairies blend seamlessly with natural eyelashes. The invisible band adds to the inconspicuous appearance.


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Naked Lashes


Like Natural Lashes, the Naked Lashes range uses invisiband to adhere seamlessly to the lid. There is no liner-like appearance. Instead, careful crisscrossing near the base ensures each hair blends with your natural lashes. In all likelihood, nobody will realise the difference!

Extra length in the centre of these lashes helps to open the eyes. Naked Lashes #424 means maximum oomph without the appearance of falsies. 

These sweeping eyelashes use light crisscrossing and a short length to dazzle. Still, the invisiband means the product is indistinguishable from your real eyelashes. 

Short and sweet is the alternate name of this lash. Naked Lashes #428 is appropriate for thickness without excessive length.

How To Apply Ardell Adhesive Lashes For Beginners

Applying adhesive near your eyes always sounds a tad intimidating for beginners. Thankfully, Ardell Lashes has 50 years of experience in the industry. A common quip is, “if you can apply eyeliner, you can apply eyelashes.” It really is that simple. For anyone who isn’t confident without their liner abilities… there’s always time to learn!

  1. The first step is checking the fit. Hold the lash to your closed eye and assess whether the length is correct. If the band overhangs your eyelid or pokes into your skin, adjustments are needed. Carefully trim these ends away with scissors.
  2. The second step is applying the adhesive. Instead of applying glue to the eyelid as many people assume, add small amounts to the band. It should take 30 seconds to set, so be diligent.
  3. Next, carefully align the lash with the eyelid. Press down gently until dry.
  4. Once finished, painlessly peel the false eyelash away. Wash the eyelids gently if there is leftover residue.
  5. If multiple uses are desired, clean the false eyelash with makeup remover and store it safely.

Voila! Applying Ardell lashes is that easy. However, if you’re still intimidated, remember to browse Magnetic Lashes or even Aqua Lashes.

Magnetic Vs. Glue Eyelashes

In 2014, Magnetic Lashes emerged as an alternative to glue lashes. Ever since, there has been a roaring debate about what option is better. Rather than picking a side, it may be more beneficial to consider the needs of each customer.

As expected, Ardell has abandoned tricky magnetic strips. Instead, their products work by incorporating microscopic magnetised material into a liner-like formula. Simply apply the liner in the traditional way. Then, set the falsies over your natural lashes. If the process is completed correctly, only a firm tug will remove them.

As Magnetic Lashes depend on magnetised eyeliner, anyone who struggles with this tool may want to avoid magnetic lashes. However, if lash glue is too messy, the precise liner may be fitting. 

If you’re thinking, “I don’t like the sound of either,” there is a surprising alternative available.

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All New Ardell Aqua Lashes

Aqua Lashes are one of the most exciting developments since the launch of magnetic eyelashes in 2014. Personally, I think Ardell has created a new future for the industry!

Although this product is not waterproof as many people assume, an even better feature is available. Aqua Lashes do not need glue, magnets or tape. Instead, you simply dip the false eyelash in water and… stick them on. 

The process takes seconds. Anyone from beginners to experts can enjoy fuller, voluminous eyes in a heartbeat. If you can’t believe false eyelashes could be this easy, try Aqua Lashes yourself. 

What Ardell Lashes Are Best For Round / Small Eyes?

Although any Ardell Lashes can be trimmed to fit, certain styles are easier to apply on round or small eyes. Demi Lashes are a good choice due to their shorter length. You can also use Baby Wispies or other light false eyelashes to prevent heaviness. 


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What Ardell Lashes Are Best For Almond Eyes?

For almond eyes, lashes should work with the given shape. That means there are two main options.

 The first is a winged lash, which is primarily offered by the Double Up range. Winged lashes emphasise the natural length of the eye, leading to stunning results. However, if openness is needed, rounded lashes are best. These are found in the Natural range. 

It seems all eye types can find their match with Ardell Lashes.

How Long Do Ardell False Lashes Last? 

One of the most common questions about Ardell Lashes is how long they last, and the answer is pretty incredible. 

Ardell Individual Lashes can last up to two weeks, but the key is using Ardell LashTite Individual Lash Adhesive. If you don’t want dramatic lashes for an extended period, use Ardell Lashgrip for one day of wear. 


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How Many Times Can You Reuse Ardell Lashes?

Fuller lashes like Double Up, Wispies or Natural can be worn multiple times if proper care is taken. 

Preserving them is relatively simple. Use a gentle makeup remover to wipe down the lashes after use. Then, pop them back on when needed.

How Much Do Ardell Lashes Cost?

Most people are shocked by the price of Ardell Lashes. Considering each product is handmade with high-quality ingredients, the price should be exorbitant. Yet, Ardell Lashes are only $10-25 for a pair.

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Ardell Vs. Modelrock False Eyelashes

Although Ardell sounds appealing, you’re probably wondering how the brand compares to others on the market. There are two big contenders for affordable eyelashes: Ardell and Modelrock. Both brands focus on providing a large selection of hand-made products to their customers. However, there are a few major differences. 

Launched in October 2012, Modelrock has been a hit success on the sunny shores of Australia. They are well-known for their extensive collection of lashes, including magnetised types and traditional glue. Additionally, they’re 100% cruelty-free and vegan. 

If you’re still not convinced by Ardell, keep reading to discover more about the passionate brand Modelrock.

What Modelrock Lashes Are Best?

Although Modelrock does not offer as many lash options as Ardell, there are still plenty of styles to choose from. We have outlined some fan-favourites below, including;

This range uses 3D faux silk for maximum comfort. There are several styles to choose from, including fearless, lace, queen, royale and sweetie.

We all enjoy a full-glamour look occasionally. With the Double Layered style, you can enjoy twice the amount of lashes and extra length.

Modelrock does not support animal exploitation, which is evident in this range. These lashes are vegan and cruelty-free. Plus, they’re gloriously lightweight with the fullness of real mink.  

If you can’t choose just one style, a multi-pack may be the best option. Signature includes five different pairs of lashes for every occasion. 

These lashes allow up to 30 wears with their durable magnetised design. Apply MAGNALUXE Lagnetic Lash Bond onto the lid to activate the magnets, and then stick on the lashes without fuss.

Yep, these lashes are tucked inside a Christmas bauble. It’s the perfect adorable (and fashionable} addition to your tree. A hanging gift tag completes the product.


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Modelrock Accessories 

Model Rock does not just focus on lashes. As part of their commitment to creating an affordable way to ‘rock’ the beauty scene, they have also created other cosmetics, including:

This curler has a small surface area, which makes getting close to the lash line easier. The small size also means more control. For wearers of false eyelashes, a curler is a perfect way to blend natural and synthetic lashes.

This is not a normal mascara — it’s three products in one. Uptown Mascara Jet Black creates multi-dimensional lashes with one swish of the brush. Plus, potent B-vitamins and olive oil keep each strand healthy, full and sleek.

Uptown Arch Brow Pomade provides all-day protection from water and sweat. The creamy pigment will not wear away during important outings, and the formula even creates healthier brows! The ingredient BIOTIN helps to condition and stimulate hair growth. 

One of the best ways to complement lush lashes is with colourful lips. VLS Lip Shapers effortlessly infuse the skin with velvety colour. They’re also waterproof and long-lasting for stress-free beauty. Check out the two sizes: Modelrock VLS Skinny Style and Modelrock VLS Chubby Style.

Liquid Last Matte Lipstick is a combination of liquid and matte texture for a velvety sensation on the lips. The earthy colours can last for many hours, and you can boost shine with a quick swipe of ModelRock lip gloss.

For a liquid and metallic lipstick that will last for hours, try Mega Modern Metals Lipstick. The lightweight formula and eye-catching pigment are available in shades for any skin tone. Remember to pair with a Modelrock Liquid to Matte Lipstick for the ultimate colour pop.

The Winner 

So, what brand is better? 

Modelrock certainly has plenty of benefits, including comprehensive lash styles and beauty products. They also emphasise ethical responsibility with 100% vegan and cruelty-free products. However, Ardell can’t be matched for sheer choice. 

Ardell Lashes offers colours, sizes and shapes for everyone. Plus, each product is quick and easy. There is no more struggling with the application process. You can choose from multiple different techniques, including glue, magnets and water. Best of all, no animal testing is performed with Ardell products.

Personally, the winner seems to be Ardell Lashes, but leave your own opinion in the comments! 


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Are Ardell Lashes For You?

There aren’t many reasons not to try Ardel Lashes. There are false eyelashes for every occasion: Double Up for full glamour occasions, Wispies for a levelled-up look, and Natural for subtle beauty. Choose from different shapes, sizes and colours. 

For the best bargains on Ardell Lashes, check out their brand page. You can also visit AMR Hair & Beauty physical stores in Penrith, Ingleburn, Epping and Belconnen. 

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