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What Skin Type Are You?

what skin type are you?
September 14, 2017

Tako Phanoraj

Everybody is not born the same, nor is their skin type the same like everyone else in the world. There are many factors that can result in having the skin that you are in. What skin type are you? Why is my skin the way it is? These are just some of the questions that we want to know. If your skin is in bad condition, it could be due to internal conditions such as poor diet, stress, hormones, genetics, medication and skin disorders (Rosacea, Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis). External factors that can affect your skin include seasonal weather changes, overexposure from the sun and pollution. Otherwise, bad skin can be a consequence of having the incorrect skin care routine or a lack of skin care knowledge.

It is hard to love the skin that you are in, especially if you have problematic skin. You can have near to perfect skin as a young adult but then as your skin matures, it can become drier. Unfortunately, not that many people are aware of what kind of skin type they are or which products and treatments are the right fit for them. Investing in the right skin care is vital to not only help your self-esteem but to let your inner beauty shine, too. When you look good, you feel good.

So, let’s take a look at the Byotea Face Care range to help our skin worries and woes and work out

What skin type are you?

Oily skin

If you have oily skin, it means that your skin is basically shiny all the time. The oiliness is especially in the T-zone area (the area where your forehead is and down the bridge of your nose to your chin, forming the shape of the letter T). You may have enlarged pores, be prone to constant blackheads and a few breakouts here and there. Surprisingly the good thing about oily skin is the fact that it ages better than dry skin as the oils keep the skin looking plump, allowing fewer wrinkles to appear.

To keep oily skin at bay, try using Byotea Normalizing Cleansing Milk. This deep cleansing yet gentle cleanser has an active purifying formula to normalise your skin.

Dry skin

You will know your skin is dry if it is rough in complexion and feels tight all over your face, especially after cleansing. There are dry patches present, flakiness and almost invisible pores. Your skin can easily crack, peel away and become itchy due to the lack of elasticity in the skin forming more visible lines. In people of colour, their skin may look noticeably more ashy or dull due to the dead skin build up. You may notice your skin getting drier as you get older. What you can use to combat the dryness is to ensure you use a light but hydrating moisturiser during the day before you apply your makeup and a thick rich night cream before you go to sleep, too.

Try Byotea’s Hydrating Cream 24 hour dry skin, this cream is formulated for dehydrated and tired skin. Not only does it give you long lasting hydration, it restores luminosity in the skin, re-balances the perfect amount of hydro-lipids and can be used as a base for makeup.


Byotea Hydrating Cream 24 Hour Dry Skin Marine Collagen And Argan Oil


Combination skin

Combination skin is a mixture of both worlds with oiliness and dryness. Your skin can be dry and oily in certain areas of the face, for example, you can be dry in the T-zone area and oily on the cheeks or vice versa. Your pores are medium to large but have smooth to even texture, there is good circulation there to give you a healthy colour for clear skin. However, in regards to different sections of the skin being different, you may have to treat these separate areas differently.

For combination skin, boys and girls, try using the Byotea Normalising Toner. Using this daily normalises the sebum to tone the skin and assist in balancing out the hydro lipid film.


Byotea Normalising Toner Willow Extract And Grapefruit Seeds


Sensitive skin

There is no known singular fact for the cause of sensitive skin, it is thought to be a dysfunction of the skin’s barrier.  Sensitive skin tends to be thin and delicate, your skin can be easily irritated and flare up from the slightest provocation or become inflamed by exposure from the sun and certain cosmetic products, ingredients, and procedures. Even some natural remedies and concoctions may cause some redness and tenderness.

For sufferers having to deal with sensitive skin, I suggest using Byotea’s Soothing Mask this calms the reddening of the face and provides instant relief to restore the skin’s natural softness and glow. What skin type are you? None of these? There are still plenty of other skin types to cover.

Byotea Soothing Mask Barbary Fig


Acne Prone skin

Acne prone skin is a common skin disease where the skin’s oil glands become clogged with a combination of dead skin cells, hair, and sebum. The swelling of the oil glands becomes inflamed and that is where a blemish grows. These blemishes can be in the form of cysts, nodules, pustules, papules, blackheads, and whiteheads. Although acne is not a serious health threat they can cause scarring and be extremely distressing to one’s self-esteem. Acne cannot just occur at the start of puberty, it can follow us through to adulthood as well thanks to our genetics and hormones.

Using Byothea’s Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Gel combats your acne by eliminating impurities from the surface of the skin, because of its effective exfoliating action containing Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) that replenish the skin making it feel smooth, reduces the formation of wrinkles and revitalising skin cells.

Ageing skin

A crease here, a wrinkle there.  Fine lines and wrinkles come from the loss of collagen and elasticity which reduces the skin’s volume, that’s why you may notice your skin becomes thinner, drier and saggy.  It is only fair for nature to takes its course to make us lose our youthful fullness gradually over time, however, there are many things that can cause the skin to age prematurely which are: sun damage, smoking, poor diet, alcohol and repeated muscular motions (frowning). Tackling your skin problems at a younger age does nip it in the bud but it is never too late to tackle your aging skin when you are older either.

To help the wrinkles and crinkles around the eye area use Byotea’s Lifting Effect Eye Contour Cream this hydrating intensive action cream lifts the eye to gradually relax the wrinkles and expression lines, leaving the eye area looking and feeling visibly smoother and firmer.

Byotea Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream Hyaluronic Acid


Byothea not only have a range of skin care for the face, they also have an extensive line of skincare for the body, products for waxing and spa treatments as well. Click on this link to head to our shop to find out more about this beneficial and professional brand. So, what skin type are you?


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