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11 Sep

There is no easy answer to the question which dry shampoo is the best. Clients have a variety of personal preferences, hairstyles, and hair qualities. Not all dry shampoos are perfect for all hair types or colours. If you are looking for an at-home solution, you would be good with one or two dry shampoo bottles. But if you need to equip a professional salon, you will need more than that, including the knowledge of what’s in the bottle that makes it a perfect fit for a particular client or occasion. 

We can simplify the quest for suitable dry shampoos by helping you acknowledge the most important factors in deciding which dry shampoo is best. We point out what to look for in shampoo to avoid certain common issues of using the wrong dry shampoo. On top of that, we will also recommend some of the best dry shampoos on the market. It does come down to knowing how to use dry shampoos to get the best results from any product though. 

Here are the important characteristics od dry shampoos you need to pay attention to when picking the right product:

1. Oily hair solution:

Fine and greasy hair owners will require a somewhat different dry shampoo than clients with a dryer scalp. In fact, if you have an oily scalp, you are most likely to reach out for the dry shampoo bottle more often. 

Greasy hair usually needs frequent washing, but too much water and regular shampoo can cause a countereffect. The oil glands in our scalp may produce more sebum and worsen the greasy hair condition. Dry shampoo is a beneficial solution that can help you remove the excess oil and still don’t overburden the scalp with mechanical rubbing and drying. To treat your oily hair with dry shampoo, we recommend: Inebrya Instant Dry Shampoo

2. Brunette support:

Most dry shampoos nowadays have well-developed formulas that don’t leave too much chalky residue in the hair. Nonetheless, they are not all one and the same. If you have tested a few brands, you know that some leave less, some leave more powdery stuff that could potentially mess a good cleaning effect. 

Blondes may be fine with that since the whitish residue is invisible in lighter nuances – some are even purposefully made to colour blond hair and avoid the dark root issue. But for brunettes, that can be a real problem. No one likes to look like the flour from the cake they make ended up in their hair instead of in their desert! Therefore, look for ones made specifically for light and dark brown hair, or black hair.

If you are wondering which is best for brunettes and other darker shades, we recommend: Design Me Quickie Me Dry Shampoo Brunette

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3. Quick-fix light formula:

As a hairstylist, you often need a quick root degreaser or a volume replenisher for certain hair parts that need to be full of va-va-voom while others need to be sleek and neatly stuck to the head. On such occasions, dry shampoo can save the day. Lighter formulas do not weigh in the hair. Yet, they still do what they were essentially made to do – clean and volumise hair. 

Light sprays are convenient for dry, damaged hair or hair with split ends that must be treated with care when trying new products. There are light dry shampoo products designed especially for dry hair and for partial, quick-fix hairstyling. Here is what we recommend: Design Me Quickie Me Dry Shampoo Light

4. Volume booster:

It is not a big secret that you can replenish volume with dry shampoo. The tiny sprayed particles create extra space between fibres by removing grease and humidity and keeping the air in, making the hair bouncy and voluminous. Clients are pleasantly surprised when they see the flatness gone. 

The best part of adding volume to your hairstyle with dry shampoos is that you don’t need to use the brush and the hairdryer. Without the heat, you can prevent frizz and split ends and maintain healthy, shiny hair for much longer than if you wash your hair daily, or every other day. 

Apart from boosting volume, these products are good growth promoters. Since you will keep the hair healthy, you won’t need to opt-in for the scissors that often.  To boost hair volume with dry shampoo, we recommend: Tigi Bed Head Oh Bee Hive Matte Dry

5. Waterless deep cleanser:

Cleansing is the dominant aspect of all dry shampoo products. After all, wasn’t that the initial idea? After discovering all additional dry shampoo benefits, you just need to find your regular salon or at-home bottle that will do the job well. Sometimes, you need that product to do what it was supposed to do all along – deep-cleanse your hair. 

Deep cleansing dry shampoos may be slightly more aggressive on the hair, meaning they most likely resemble the water-and-foam effect that comes naturally with standard water-washing shampoos. To deep cleanse, remove static, and refresh your hair with dry shampoo, we recommend using Design Me Quickie Me Dry Shampoo Foam.

6. Frizz Control

If you need a product that will help prevent frizz, we’d recommend trying Batiste. This brand offers so many options for all hair types and they all smell incredible. While we don’t stock them, you can get them from most supermarkets or local chemists. Just apply a small amount on the roots of your hair while holding the can some distance from your scalp. This product tends to leave some powder residue but it brushes in easily and once you master it, you’ll eventually stop overusing it when you get the perfect arms-length away. This is great for a home-use product but you’ll probably want to consider one of the above products for salon use.


These six examples touch on the basics of the dry shampoo hunt. To help make up your mind about which are the best among hundreds of products, you may want to consider a few additional deciding factors:

  1. Is the shampoo a vegan-friendly option?
  2. Can you clearly check the ingredients and explain them to your clients?
  3. How long does it need to stay in the hair?
  4. Do you prefer shiny, matte or semi-matte finish?
  5. Does it have UV protection?
  6. Does it come with an assortment of supplementary brand products you can order at one go?
  7. Are there different bottle sizes to choose from?
  8. Who are your customers and what are their hairstyling needs?

There you go, we hope we made your search a tad bit easier. Most hairstylists need a bit of test-and try practice before they decide what is their preference. Whatever you go for, dry shampoo will be one of your favourite products with multiple advantages that can help you best serve your customers in today’s era of instant solutions.

Rachael Waine

Rachael works here at AMR as our online digital marketer/content creator. She writes blogs about hair and beauty as well as assist with all social media platforms. In her spare time Rachael writes blogs, enjoys bushwalking and photography.

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