Why are Modelrock lashes so popular?

May 30, 2017

Samantha Bun

Why are Modelrock lashes so popular?

Modelrock lashes, the Australian professional faux eyelash company with 61.5K followers on Instagram and now also venturing into liquid and matte lipsticks, have been all the craze. Why has the brand of lashes gained so much traction in the industry?

Model rock lashes are so popular among makeup lovers because of the quality of the lashes that makes them stand out. I asked some of our in-house staff why they love Model rock lashes and the answers were all very similar.


Our team compliment Modelrock lashes on the quality of the lashes. Most kit ready lashes are made of 100% human hair and some a combination of human hair and silky synthetics. For this reason, the lashes feel authentic and are natural looking. There is also no fall out lashes as they are strongly secured. Our Graphic Designer Amanda only wears her Model Rock lashes out for special occasions because they are so gorgeous and she would rather save them for a big night out than for everyday wear.


Model Rock lashes are nice and soft, making them easy and comfortable to wear. Our team member Trish said that she never liked wearing fake lashes until she found Model Rock because they are just so comfortable and feel like they are not even there because they are so light.


Our team said they love Model Rock because of the flexible bands that fit every eye shape and size. There are so many styles that can be suited for every occasion and to match every eye shape. Basically, there is a lash to suit every single makeup lover (we’ll share with you best sellers below).



The top comment about Modelrock lashes is that they are durable and long lasting. Modelrock lashes can be taken off after a big night, washed and reused for up to 7 wears or longer, depending on how well you look after them.


For the quality of these lashes, they are affordable and well-priced according to our graphic designer Natalie. She loves that the lashes are not only light-wearing on the eyes, but also light on the wallet.

Based on all these points, we can see why many makeup artists and enthusiasts alike choose Modelrock lashes as their go-to lashes. We have had a look through our database to find out which lashes are best sellers and also our staff top picks!


Modelrock Kit Ready #420

#420 is gorgeous 100% human hair lashes that are perfect for natural everyday looks with longer wings. It is obvious why this one made the best-seller list.

modelrock lashes
                      Modelrock Kit Ready #420

Modelrock Kit Ready #43

Made of 100% human hair, this wispy end lash is gorgeous and essential for a night out if you really want to make an impression.

modelrock lashes
                   Modelrock Kit Ready #43W

Modelrock Kit Ready #200

This lash is part of the Modelrock bridal collection, but essential to every woman’s makeup kit as it is stunning simplicity and effortless beauty.

modelrock lashes
                    Modelrock Kit Ready #200

Modelrock Kit Ready #241

Another wispy design, this style has the lashes crisscrossing for added effect.

modelrock lashes
                     Modelrock Kit Ready #241



Russian Doll 2.0

modelrock lashes
                     Modelrock Russian Doll 2.0

If you are looking for a way to really make an impact on a night out, then Russian Doll is the way to go! The double layered lashes create a really dramatic effect to make your eyes pop and for you to steal all the attention.


modelrock lashes
                    Modelrock Hollywood

Another all time favourite, the Hollywood lashes are super long and wispy. They are designed for the classic Hollywood appeal and for any fashionista who loves to shine above the rest.

Smokey Velvet

modelrock lashes
                     Modelrock Smokey Velvet

Smokey Velvet is another appealing double layered lash set that captivates. Personally, this is my favourite because it is long without being overcomplicated or overdoing it. This comes in a value pack with 5 pairs.


Spanish Rose

modelrock lashes
                     Modelrock Spanish Rose


If you want to go for that wispy, sexy senorita look, then Spanish Rose is just right for you. Seduce with these luscious lashes.

Paint the Town Red

modelrock lashes
                 Modelrock Paint the Town Red

These lashes are crisscrossed for an elegant look and stylish appeal. Also available in a value pack of 5 due to their popularity.

Whatever event or occasion you have planned, or simply for every day, we can assure you that Modelrock has got you covered. Enjoy your luscious lashes ladies!

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