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Why Are Nail Dipping Powders Better Than Gels

Why Are Nail Dipping Powders Better Than Gels
July 2, 2019

Rachael Grant

For a while now, gel and acrylic nails have been facing a new rival – nail dipping powders. Since we all love an effortless manicure that will stick for weeks, dipping powders are becoming the new trend du jour. And since they keep the mani as simple as it gets – they promise to last. 

If you are not a fan of nail polish that chips fast and last as long as makeup, you’ll love nail powders. We’ve all been there – nails get done and ruined within hours. With dip powder nails, you not only get a long-lasting pigment on a super strong base, but you can also relish in colours galore. 

Benefits of Doing your Nails with Dip Powders

The versatility of nail dipping powders is not the only thing that makes them likable and loved by nail aficionados. Unlike gel nails, dip powdered nails don’t chip as easy and will last as long as 3 to 4 weeks. So – you won’t have to deal with something like this:

Nail dips can help you grow brittle nails and solve other nail problems – for instance, nail-biting. Have you tried chewing on an acrylic nail? It’s not that easy as ruining your natural nails.

Biting your nails is unseemly anyway. But when you get the taste of the synthetics on your lips, you’ll ditch it sooner than expected! Get ready to welcome longer nails in a matter of weeks.

Nail dipping powders are, essentially, acrylic-based. Therefore, they have been named the happy medium between gels and acrylics. However, pigmented dip powders are indispensably better than gels for a number of reasons, among which odorlessness, ease of curation, and their natural looks play a key role. 

Nail Dipping Powders Are Odourless

Beautiful nails often come in a package with harsh chemicals that create dense odours. Unpleasant smells are had to shake off even after you leave your nail salon. It’s like the nauseating synthetic small gets entrenched into your nostrils!

Since nail dipping powders are exactly that – powders – they don’t smell as bad as liquid nail beautifying methods. The same goes for the odour-free glaze adhesive. You’ll only get to deal with the smell of the top fortifier, which is not nearly as awful as the main coat in some other nail solutions. Freshly-mawn grass, vanilla cookie dough, and puppies smell like heaven? Add you dip powder manicure to that list!

Require no UV or LED Light to Cure

Gel nails must be put under artificial light to set onto the nails. This is usually done with a UV or a LED light lamp. Repeated several times in 20 to 60 second time rounds means that your nails are continuously treated with UV rays, which are not exactly harmless when used too often on sensitive skin predisposed to skin damage.

Nail dipping powders don’t need to go under the light curator – they use a simple chemical process to set by sticking to the base adhesive coat while drying out in the air. And this happens within seconds of applying the coat. Goodbye, long boring UV dry-outs and hello spectacular quick-drying fingernails!

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Simple and Quick to Apply without Side Nail Residue

The process of applying a pigmented powder is pretty straightforward. If you leave it to a professional, you will definitely enjoy its greatest benefits in style and colour. But even if you try it yourself at home, you can’t make a huge mistake. 

During the self-application, you need to apply the glaze-base with a brush, dip the nail in the powder, repeat both steps two or three times, and coat it over with the sealant.


Nail dipping powders are in dust form that settles only on the adhesive surface and not on the surrounding nail. Therefore, you’ll have no messy nail cuticles or designs destroyed by your beginner practice. 

Pigmented Powders Are Stronger than Gels

Dip powder nails may not be as natural looking as gels. In contrast, though, they are much stronger and will last over a month in some cases. As you may well have experienced yourself, gel nails tend to chip faster. Sometimes, a single gel nail will chip and spoil the complete manicure in just a few days. 

However, nail dipping powders give a more natural look than regular acrylics. Typically, this is because the ingredients in nail powders are more balanced and go softer on the nails than classic acrylics. 

This is why they are the preference of many beauty salon visitors – they get the best of two worlds – longevity and fewer harmful substances and procedures.

Loaded with Vitamins and Minerals that Encourage Nail Growth

Nail dipping powders contain no harsh chemicals. As an added plus, they contain a number of nail-friendly minerals, such as calcium, and nail growth boosters. Be aware, though, that you will be mechanically altering the surface coat of your nail when you want to remove dip powder manis. So, you need to condition your nails with vitamin-rich moisturisers to keep them growing strong and getting as many fantastic dip powdered nails in time to come.   

If you take a look at how simple it is to dip your nail in the powder, you’ll be assured that you can do the job without creating a significant mess. Or, at least nail dipping powders will look better than turning into a self-serving acrylic nail master!

It takes a bit of experience to achieve dip powder perfection – no one is so skilled on their own hands as it is on someone else’s. Thanks to nail experts we don’t need to risk DIY nail failures when it’s really important.  They can help you do all of the tricky stuff like picking and shaping your nails

In a nutshell, getting your nails done is maturing towards simpler, faster, and healthier nail revamping techniques. Sprucing up your dull nails with nail dipping powders is a multi-beneficial, practical way to make them shine for weeks to come while nourishing them with important nail health ingredients. Most importantly, you get the gorgeous sparkling tips without going under the light and without the polish-went-wrong mess. 

What more could a girl ask for? You can try it at home yourself using Kiara Sky or ask at your local salon.

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