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Wispy Bangs: Inspiration To Suit All Face Types

Wispy bangs
June 13, 2020

Rachael Grant

“Should I get wispy bangs?” – you may ask. 

The answer is definitely yes! If you want to soften out the edges of flat bangs or play with proportions on long oval face shapes. Wispy bangs can give you that careless and sexy side-swept look on longer hair. If you have long thick hair and don’t want to go for a full blunt fringe, then layered bangs are an excellent choice. 

The good thing about bangs is that they gradually feather around your face. They can be shaped in dozens of different forms to flatter your best facial features. If there is one hair look that can dramatically change how other people perceive you, that’s wispy fringe. Take a look at the example below to note the difference. Don’t forget to swipe to see the before and after pictures!

Wispy Bangs for All Face Shapes and Hair Types

You can find wispy bangs under a variety of other names, including textured bangs, choppy bangs, or curtain bangs. But despite the similarities in these types of fringe, they all have specifics. Therefore, when you discuss the change with your hairdresser, make sure you are a bit more detailed in your description. Textured bangs may be more thinned than choppy bangs, while curtain bangs will usually be longer and with even layers of length. 

Nevertheless, no face shape is the same as the other. Your hairdresser will know how to pull off the best of your features without too much elaboration on your part. A photo or two won’t hurt, just in case, to avoid any misunderstandings.

How to Choose Wispy Bangs 

If you are convinced that when you schedule your next haircut, you should go for light, feathery bangs, consider the quality of your hair. Your face shape is also important. Here are several choices that could inspire you to take the plunge in the right direction:

  1. Textured bob with straight wispy bangs

Make one small change and see the best of your face come to light – this is it! Without going overboard with a radical change, take your textured bob to the next season by cutting a straight wispy fringe.

  1. Softly layered bangs around the face

A wispy cut can layer around your face and transform a loose ponytail or a reverse French braid into something more relaxed and casual. Ask your, hairdresser, to cut a few layers across your cheeks and neck shorter for this romantic hairstyle. You’ll then be able to style your hair at home using electrical tools and hairspray.

  1. Full fringe with textured bangs

Nothing says big bright eyes as wispy bangs that cover your eyebrows and frame high cheekbones. If you have that grateful bone structure, make the most of it by rewarding it with a full wispy fringe.

  1. Rainbow wispy bangs

Play with cut and colour to refresh a stale platinum fringe without unwanted casualties. This is one thing you can do at home, just find the right colour masks and toners that wash off for minimal damage.

  1. Curtain bangs for oval faces

If you decide to be a celebrity copycat, make sure you are following the star whose face shape resembles your own. Check the example below! In that way, even if you undertake the cut yourself, the experiment won’t end up in a tragic disaster. But, keep in mind that nicely shaped wispy bangs are a tricky cut. Just a few poorly cut layers can make a lot of difference. Therefore, it’s best to entrust the change to a professional.

  1. Face-framing layers

For very long hair, cutting wispy bangs can take place below the cheek line, all the way to the chin or that spot on your cheeks that is just the right height to emphasise more volume without sacrificing a lot of the side hair. The few shorter pieces are still kept in the middle part of the forehead for a playful appearance. 

  1. Middle-parted wispy bangs

By gradual chopping and thinning the hair on both sides, your hairdresser can save you a lot of blowdrying trouble for your choppy bob. These wispy bangs melt into the rest of the hair and will revamp a profile with a bit of sex appeal in no time. Great for round faces, as it elongates the top-to-bottom vs. the side-to-side face proportions. Furthermore, it looks extra textured when the hair is lightly curled and styled using a smoothing cream.

  1. Choppy bangs for thick hair

Occasionally, too much hair can suffocate a small heart-shaped face. To keep your hair bouncy and beautiful, chop a few front layers shorter. If you have a longer forehead, even better – more space to shape the wispy bangs exactly in the way that you like. 

  1. Balayage curtain bangs

These are true curtain bangs that will ask for plenty of hair to be removed from your crown. But considering the effect, especially when combined with a balayage, we don’t think you will be sorry. Swipe the image below to check the thinning layers at the back of the head that mimic a true boho style: 

  1. Versatile choppy bangs

Versatility is possible. Try chopping the fringe around your face so that you can wear the shorter layers split in the middle, swept to the side, or pulled up with a hair clip. In this case, avoid too much definition in any particular direction as it will hamper your ability to style the bangs in any way you like. 

One extra tip regarding bangs maintenance: Having bangs is a long-term relationship that will ask you to style your hair every other day, if not every day. One part of regular maintenance is going to the hairdresser more often, as well as daily blow-dries. This is because any bangs quickly lose their shape. Check with your salon whether you can schedule fringe trims in-between major haircutting sessions. Many salons are willing to provide that service with discount prices. That will be a simple way to care for your new looks without doubling your periodical haircut budget.  

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