Your Guide to the Best Leave-in Conditioner to Grab just before Christmas

Your Guide to the Best Leave-in Conditioner
December 20, 2020

Rachael Grant


Replacing your leave-in conditioner can be a challenge. The one you adored and loved doesn’t do the work anymore. Perhaps your hair has changed its texture. You have altered the hairstyle or the colour, and now you need to treat it with a different conditioner. We don’t blame you: a leave-in conditioner is practical and, when chosen for the right type of hair, provides multiple benefits. 

Benefits of Using a Leave-in Conditioner

Washable hair conditioners and masks detangle and nourish the hair, but they are just not the same as leave-in treatments. They can be tedious and time-consuming. Depending on the texture of the leave-in product (liquid, spray, oil, or serum), you get the care you need for a particular problem. The best leave-in conditioners solve many hair issues:

  • Provide extra moisture to washed hair

  • Protect dry hair from heat damage

  • Remove frizz

  • Tackle unruly curls

  • Give anti-breakage treatment to coarse hair

  • Smooth out hair

  • Care for fine hair without weighing it down

A leave-in conditioner for curly hair will help you keep and shape the curls, while intense leave-in treatments will provide deep nourishment and protect the cuticles of chemically treated hair. 


If you are looking for a new addition to your stack of leave-in conditioners, take a look at our selection of the best conditioning treatments and learn why we love them. You might discover your new favourite. (And even grab it at a discount during the holiday shopping spree!)

Fanola No Yellow Bi-Phase Leave-In Conditioner

The already fragile and damaged blonde hair will say thank you if you give it another layer of protection. Apart from the iconic Fanola No Yellow shampoo, protective cream, and protective mist, you can now treat your hair with the 2-phase leave-in conditioner that doesn’t require washing. 


Why we love it: it gives a subtle light grey shine to bleached or light coloured hair, gently removing yellow undertones. 


Classified in the: best leave-in conditioners for blonde hair


Oro Therapy Bi-Phase Restructuring Leave-In Conditioner

A gold-yellow bottle packed with benefits, including anti-UV protection, keratin and argan oil. These are three ingredients that your hair needs for structure and shine most often used in professional hair products. Combine the restructuring leave-in conditioner with the corresponding shampoo for best results.


Why we love it: Easy-to-apply, fuss-free combing, and looks lovely in the bathroom cabinet.


Classified in the: best leave-in conditioners for extra dry hair.


Pure Brazilian "Miracle" Leave-In Conditioner With Kera

Keratin is the base ingredient of this miracle leave-in product, which has a unique smooth-and- shine formula with natural ingredients, including Bulgarian Rose Water, Bombyx Silk, Quartz and crushed Pink Sea Pearls.


Why we love it: smells divine and does wonders for split ends.


Classified in the: best leave-in conditioners for dry hair prone to breakage


Trueplex Bamboo Miracle All In One Leave-In Treatment

Thanks to its anti-oxidant veggie formula, it provides all essential benefits for hair protection, starting from deep cortex penetration to easy combing and protection from heat styling tools and UV rays. With regular use, you will reduce the number of chemicals, strengthen your hair fibres, and decrease colour fading.

Why we love it: All-in-one treatment, anyone? It means less styling products and enjoying the advantages of hair closest to its natural condition. What’s not to love?


Classified in the: best leave-in conditioners with natural ingredients.

ABBA Complete All-In-One Leave-In Spray

If you love elastic hair achieved with vegan, gluten-free products, then this is your choice for leave-in spray conditioner. The ProQuinoa trademark formula by ABBA Complete complements dry, fine hair. At the same time, the combination of three seed oils – Abyssinian, Coconut and Watermelon – gives that extra shine you get only with leave-in care.


Why we love it: the bottle lasts for ages even if you pump up to 6 times for one use.


Classified in the: best vegan leave-in conditioners. 


Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Anti-Breakage Leave-In Treatment

When you comb your hair wet, it is more prone to breakage. That is why hair professionals recommend waiting for the hair to dry after washing it and only then going for the comb to disentangle it. However, we often have no choice. When in a hurry, we need to get on with the styling ASAP. In such situations, an anti-breakage leave-in-conditioner can save the day. Thanks to its 3D repair complex of proteins, ceramide and lipids, Redken protects against mechanical and surface damage. It can be used with the rinsing conditioner from the same line for maximum benefits.


Why we love it: for the immediately visible results.


Classified in the: best leave-in conditioners for fine hair


Kérastase Nutritive Leave-In Hair Care Set

When you are not sure that the best leave-in conditioner will do the trick, why not use three leave-in products at once? Dehydrated and damaged hair that you frequently style with what will be grateful for this shine-flattering trio of intense treatments products including a leave-in primer, a leave-in cream, and night serum.  


Why we love it: care for hair overnight and adds simplicity to your haircare routine.


Classified in the: best leave-in conditioners for a busy lifestyle 


John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Leave-In Conditioning Spray

Regardless whether you go for the John Frieda rinse-free conditioner or spray, you will be happy that you have finally found an effective yet affordable solution to hair smoothness. In addition to fighting frizz, these products will nourish your hair with vitamins A, E and C and green tea extract.


Why we love it: its budget price can save you some money for other holiday buys.  

Classified in the: best leave-in conditioners for straight hair.


Did you enjoy exploring this guide and looking for your best find? If you have had a fantastic experience with a hair care product, reach out and let us know what works for you! 

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