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Charcoal shampoo is an innovative hair washing solution for perfectly clean hair. It purifies, detoxifies, and removes all dirt from the scalp. The most special attribute of charcoal shampoo is its ability to deep cleanse. Deep cleansing is way more than just a regular hair wash. It goes deep into the fibres to remove invisible toxins and impurities, leaving your hair super shiny and flawless.

Charcoal Treatment Benefits

Many hair problems such as dandruff, overly greasy or dry hair are caused by hair residues. They don’t create a serious issue unless they accumulate. That’s why they creep in slowly and you become aware of them only when the problem is visible and needs radical action. Charcoal shampoos and treatments can help you solve the undesired lifelessness by attacking at its root so that you can later apply nurturing hair products that target the condition you may have. Anti-dandruff masks and nourishing oils are unable to do their job if the hair is not squeaky clean. By using a charcoal shampoo, you get a double lucky break, a cleanser which also acts as an activator for additional haircare. The range of charcoal products at AMR includes:

  • Sulphate-free charcoal shampoo
  • Sulphate-free charcoal treatment
  • Detox treatment masks, conditioners, and shampoos
  • Charcoal bundle packs

We stock a range of high-quality brands for dark and blond hair that needs a charcoal treatment.

The Superpowers of Activated Carbon

This amazing power of charcoal hair care is a result of the activated carbon, a substance with a strong ability to attach molecules coming out from the build-up of masks, conditioners, hair colours, serums, and air pollutants. Once you start using charcoal shampoo, you may get the impression that your hair has never been clean before. Although this may not be 100% true, charcoal shampoo has certainly added perks that do not exist in other shampoos. A clean hair on a clean scalp that is free from all impurities grows faster. Therefore, apart from smoother, cleaner hair, you will witness a noticeable difference in hair growth. Deep cleansing doesn’t have to equal dry hair with all its natural oils out. Make sure you apply charcoal shampoo, powder and conditioner selectively, and you will end up getting only compliments about your new hair!


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