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Despite the best initial learning and practice, including comprehensive vocational training, the educational work of beauty and hair experts never stops. Along with the emergence of new products and techniques, hairstylists, barbers, nail technicians, lash experts and everyone else associated with the beauty industry must introduce novelty into the business for long-term success. If you are ready to instil a breath of fresh air into your business AMR courses for hair and beauty professionals may be just the right place to get started.

AMR Hair and Beauty Courses for Professionals

Carefully collecting knowledge, tips and tricks from clients, and practical insights from years of work, we have created information-packed educational courses to master modern beauty salon techniques. Our courses carry the weight of specialist input but are easy to grasp and follow by beginners and long-standing professionals.   AMR hair and beauty lessons will equip you with skills important to handle sophisticated colouring endeavours. We will also prepare you for tricky and glamour nail art, seamless lash extending, and all the latest product perks for great skin, hair, and nails. 

AMR Courses: Content, Pace, and Outcome

Courses are tailored to suit your learning speed and needs. Once you are out of the doors of the training academy, you will:
  • Experience what it’s like to be trained one-on-one by an expert
  • Grab a certificate, technical manuals, and course materials
  • Become able to instantly incorporate newly learned skills into your standard salon practice
  • Make contacts with like-minded professionals
  • Get to know about innovative beauty trends first
Courses are held in cosy spaces in southwest Sydney and are dedicated to small classes for better learning.

List of Short Courses Run at the AMR Training Academy

Here's what we offer:
  • Hairstyling classes
  • Nail courses
  • Teeth whitening techniques
  • Hair colouring workshops
  • Barbering and facial hair care courses
  • Waxing workshops
AMR cooperates with established brands that continuously work on improving products and delivering the latest hair and beauty trends. Fanola and LashXCel are just two of the names we are proud to have on our course list.  We are working to expand our courses on offer with an even bigger selection industry names in the future.