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How Important Is to Stock Varied Barber Supplies

Novice hairdressers and barbers are facing a major challenge: equipping a new salon with style and quality products while keeping within budget. Even experienced salon owners don’t get it easy - what if you fail to order on time or forget an important item and make your team and your clients unhappy? At AMR, we make sure to solve at least a few of those problems, if not all of them. We stock a full range of barber supplies, including barber equipment and styling products that will make your job easier and your clients coming back for more.  

Promoting the Barber Culture with AMR Barber Supplies

The barber culture is having its golden days at the moment. That is why you absolutely need to be prepared to provide the latest barbering trends by owning appropriate barber tools, accessories, and equipment. Our AMR online shop is the one place to help you find:
  • Barber’s furniture
  • Shaving creams, balms, and foams
  • After-shave pump applicators, neck dusters, bottle sprays, and hot towel steamers
  • Shaving razors and razor handles
  • Face exfoliants, moisturisers, masks, and serums for men
  • Hair paste, body scrub, beard clays, and pomades
  • Barber aprons and cutting capes
  • Hair clippers, trimmers, and scissors
  • Staple barber items like Proraso beard oil
Barber culture has become a highly sought trend, both by barbers and clients. The ultimate grooming of facial hair along with hair styling and body care is the new routine for men that requires more attention on behalf of salon owners. A hot leather machine and a steamed towel treatment will give a message that you mean business. On top of that, creating a unique experience with thoughtfully selected barber supplies will make all the difference. 

Barber Supplies and Hairdressing Salon Equipment

If a client comes to a barbershop, they want something more than the usual self-served beard grooming done at home. They are not the simple guy who is happy using a DIY hair trimmer. While trimming a beard at home can do the job occasionally, it can’t be compared to what is in demand in barbershops. Simple just won’t cut it. Investing in good quality barber supplies may be one of the smartest business decisions you have ever made because barber culture won’t go anywhere soon.