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Probably not many customers know your best tricks of the trade. It's not as much about the main salon items as it is about the beauty accessories. You can have all the talent and skills in the world and may be among the top local experts in your field. Your beauty salon can have all spectacular furniture pieces and your customers can have a lavish selection of treatments. But we all know if your tools don’t support your work, all that effort and investment can go unnoticed.  If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for hair, nails, face, and body beauty accessories, check our beauty and salon accessories list to see if your item is available. 

What beauty accessories does AMR stock?

We have all beauty salon basics covered:
  • Protective caps and towel headbands
  • Paddle pop sticks
  • Tongue depressors
  • Beauty mask applicators
  • Cleansing sponges and clinical barriers
  • Disposable paper and headbands
  • Conductive gels
  • Waxing gowns and brush mats
  • Double-sided mirrors

Things To Consider When Purchasing Beauty Accessories

How many times have you found the perfect face mask or discovered an easy way to wax, only to challenge it with inadequate tools or make a mess because of a lack of protection? Taking care of all those side beauty accessories, disposables, and not-so-important supplies may not be so much fun, but it's necessary. As they say: “It's the little things that matter” and a beauty salon must be well-stocked with generous supplies. They play a key role in the hard work, providing comfort, safety, and enjoyment for your customers. Fancy or not, not many eye-catching beauty looks have been completed without good quality, budget-friendly salon aides. Without spending too much time searching for multiple products on the web, find your basics in the AMR.  In case you need a special item - let us know! We will be happy to provide instructions about the best way to stock it in your beauty salon.