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Electrical beauty equipment is a must-have in any salon. Expert beauticians can do so much more for their clients with less effort, by using the right equipment. Reduce the time spent on customers by freeing up your workload and letting go of some of the manual work that was once required. 

Why You Need Professional Electrical Beauty Equipment

Depending on the needs of your salon, you may need only a few electrical pieces. You may even have a whole separate area dedicated to placing all machines, chairs, and beauty beds you want. If you are blessed with extra space, certain electrical tools can even add to your salon design. Overall, most beauty salons cannot do without the essentials. These help to make treatments quicker, pain-free, and more pleasant for your clients.  

Essential Beauty Salon Electrics

At AMR, you can find an assortment of beauty equipment for your salon:
  • Durable, easy-to-clean and simple to move Facial steamers
  • Combined face and hair steamer for simple, at-home use to open your pores and to hydrate your hair and enable deep nourishing treatments. 
  • Potable ring lights and makeup chairs, ideal for home makeup visits and salons, sold separately or as a dynamic duo.
  • UV towel warmers and sterilisers to keep your towels fresh and clean and your clients happy with the salon hygiene.
  • Magnifying lampstands for all those tiny pimples, spots, and skin issues that deserve sharp focus and superb eyesight.
There are so many additions you can add to make your space the perfect design! It's important you pick the right beauty equipment for your salon. You want to make the salon visit as relaxing and comfortable as possible to ensure you get returning clientele. If you have any questions regarding the products or want to make a special request, contact our friendly staff for assistance. We would be more than happy to explain the products to you or give you styling tips and advice for your salon. We're open 7 days a week with most items on display. If you need additional images, we can also organise for staff to obtain and send them to you.