Premium Beauty Applicators

A salon service isn’t complete without the right tools to get the job done. It requires a steady hand, patience, quality products and the right beauty applicators. The purpose of a beauty applicator is to make the process run smoothly for the operator and be more pleasant for the client. Services such as waxing can be painful for the client, to having the right tools will help minimise the pain. Firstly, consider the needs of your salon. What is your clientele mostly needing from you? If you’re a waxing specialist, having items like brow beater on hand will be frequently used.

Secondly, consider stocking applicators that will assist in saving time. Using tongue compressors during the hot waxing process can help evenly spread the wax fast. They even come in a pack of 500 to make it more affordable. If you are looking to restock or start out, AMR will be able to assist in helping you offer the best service possible with premium beauty applicators and tools.


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  • Natural Look

    Natural Look Callus Remover Stainless Steel

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  • Fibrella

    Fibrella Cello Paper 75 Pieces

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Showing 37–38 of 38 results