Staying Clean With A Disposable Apron

A great way to stay clean while working in a salon is through the use of a disposable apron. An apron is used as a protective barrier to prevent your clothes from being dirty. It doesn’t matter what your speciality is, you’ll find a use for an apron. They’re commonly used amongst hairdressers, waxing specialists and nail technicians. If you’re worried that a job might get too messy, use a disposable apron to make the cleanup a little easier. Other salon essentials can help keep the salon tidy, as well as your customers.

Salon Accessories For Efficient Service

Working in the beauty industry, sometimes you need more than just a salon apron. Some services require gowns, headbands, hairnets and shower caps. Each of these accessories plays a different role within the salon setting. Shower caps are often used during a tanning service. It helps to prevent any hair from coming in contact with the tanning solution. Similarly, hairnets can be used the same although they aren’t as effective at keeping the tan at bay. Hairnets would be best used to keep hair out of your face when doing makeup looks or for applying wigs.

Additionally, waxing gowns are another must-have. They’re perfect for use on your clients, to help protect them against any wax spillage throughout the service. They come as reusable gowns to save you money in the long run. While it’s not a necessary item to stock, it’s great to have on hand for customers who aren’t willing to take risks.


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