Eyeshadow For All Skill Levels

Let’s face it, not everyone is great at creating the perfect makeup look. It can take years of practice and a steady hand to get the skill set of a professional and have stunning makeup each time. Having the right tools and products can also assist in making the job a whole lot easier too. Using highly pigmented eyeshadow will help to make your eyes pop and give you that well-deserved credit. Make your eyes really stand out by blending your shadow with creative colours.

Eyeshadow Blending

The art of eyeshadow blending may appear complex at first. Youtube tutorials can sometimes over complicate things and have a lot going on at once. There are a few simple steps you can take to get the perfect blend with little effort. Firstly, select a base colour that’s going to best match your skin and second colour choice. Apply it to the whole of your eyelid, from the centre crease down. Secondly, you’ll then apply your next colour which is generally darker, to the crease. Follow along the line of the crease, to the outer of the eye. When you’re happy with the level of depth, you clean your brush and then get ready for blending! You will move your brush horizontally, stroking back and forth. You’ll know when the blend is done, as you’ll have a dimensional look and the two colours will no longer look separated.

Selecting Eyeshadow Tones

You may find yourself going through a number of eyeshadow colours. You may be the type of person to experiment with different tones daily, or picking the nudes and browns. Picking the right colour can be tough. If you have lighter eyes, cooler tones will work best for you. Those who’ve got hazel or brown eyes, stick with warmer tones like browns, oranges and reds. If you’re a professional makeup artist, you’d know it’s important to have a big palette choice for a number of combinations a client may ask for. Just ensure whatever you pick is pigmented like Kryolan professional makeup, otherwise, you’ll be disappointed with the results.


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