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Professional Nail Treatments, Tools, Files and Nail Buffers

As a beauty professional, you understand that there are a number of nail treatments out there. With so many products on offer, it can sometimes be difficult to find the best items to suit you. If you’ve ever talked with a person trying to find the best nail file, you’ll be surprised to learn that it is a more complicated task than it looks. For someone who has never done nails, most nail files will look the same. However, if you are the girl who does her nails from time to time, you will have a better understanding of the nail file conundrums. And if the average client faces so many troubles with nail files, what’s left for nail technicians and their perfectionist standards? There is a solution – professional nail files, buffers, and shiners.

Manicure and Pedicure Equipment For The Best Nail Treatments

Professional nail files and nail blocks are made from high-quality materials like emery, crystal, glass, and ceramic. Depending on the type of nail treatments, nail experts choose one or the other. Fine-grit nail files are better for natural nails. Coarser files such as those with lower grit numbers are ideal for acrylic nail extensions. Medium-grit nail files are used to shape tips and wraps and are usually the best tool for toenails. The finer the grit, the more buffed the nail surface. Extra-fine files with 240-600 grits are used to complete the job by buffing the surface of the nail. Nail technicians know what is the appropriate file for each step in mani-pedis. Therefore, there are fewer split and broken nails when they are done professionally.

Personalised Nail Treatments and Spotless Manipedis

Bulk nail file supplies are perfect for personalised nail treatments. Many salons need bulk nail supplies to maintain cleanliness standards. Assigning a personal set of washable nail tools that can be sanitised works for others. Whichever options you choose, versatility is a prerequisite to be able to meet the long list of requirements for ever-changing nail trends. You can’t go wrong if your nail place has assorted nail files, both in use and colour. Additionally, you won’t mix them up, which will make your job easier and keep clients at ease. AMR nail files tick many boxes and complement nicely the rest of nail tools and supplies we have at stock at any given moment.


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