Make Life Easy With A Strip Wax Cartridge

Many people prefer waxing over shaving but it can sometimes feel uncomfortable having someone else do it for you. Handheld wax heaters are the solutions for those wanting to wax from the comfort of their own home with professional results. You’re able to use this in a salon setting too, but strict hygiene measure will need to be met. You can insert similar waxes to that of regular hot wax. The waxes even come in a variety of scents and address many needs. Some are made specifically for the bikini like and others can be used on the arms and legs. Some brands also offer both, with added hypoallergenic properties too. That means even if you suffer from irritated skin, you’ll be less likely to have a reaction to the formula. Ensuring you know how to use the heater and the wax cartridge is a must for optimum results.

How To Use A Wax Cartridge & Heater

Firstly, you need to insert the wax cartridge into the handheld wax heater of your choice. You’ll have to allow it to warm up before use which can sometimes take up to 40 minutes depending on the heater. Secondly, allow the wax to flow into the roller head by tipping it upside-down. Then, by holding the unit at approx. 45 degree angle, apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth. allow the wax to start to harden on the skin before attempting to remove it. It should feel like a thick layer if done correctly. Thirdly, peel off the wax quickly in a swift motion. if some wax remains or it’s too runny, try adjusting the temperature. Then repeat this process on the remainder of the body hair.


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