The Need For Wax Solvent

If you’ve ever used wax before, you’ll know it can be messy. If you heat it too much, it becomes runny and can quickly get everywhere. By having a wax solvent on hand, you’ll be able to quickly clean the mess with no fuss. The solvent is able to be used on linen, wax heaters, carpet, floors, clothing, furniture and equipment. If things get really tough, you can also use it on the skin, but avoid using it around eyes. By using the wax remover, you won’t need to rush to get it off the carpet quickly. In fact, we recommend waiting until the wax has dried on the surface before using. This stops the wax from spreading further and the cleaning process to be more effective.

Wax Solvent From AMR

AMR offers a wide range of wax solvents to meet your needs. Firstly, we stock removers in a range of sizes from sample sprays, to 1l solutions. It means you’re able to save money by purchasing in bulk. Secondly, we offer a range of scents and brands. All our products have a pleasant odour, some being like oranges, while others or more of a neutral scent. It makes switching waxes all the easier and makes the end of the day cleaning faster. You can add the solution to a spray bottle for large surfaces areas. If you’re trying to move only a small amount, consider removing it by dipping a Q-tip into the solution.


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      Lycon Wax Solvent 1L

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