Stock Your Salon With Waxing Accessories

Waxing specialists know that good service doesn’t always just come down to skill. You need a steady hand, but you also require the right tools. First, you need your wax and wax heaters but it’s not all you require to get the job done. Having the right tools will make the process easier and will give a better result. Some of the key items to stock include:

  • Non-Woven Strips
  • Brow Beaters
  • Paddle Pop Sticks
  • Pre-cut Strips
  • Waxing Roll
  • Spatulas For Waxing

Each of these accessories will play an integral role in the waxing process. Some factors do come down to the type of wax you use and the expectation from your clients.

Picking The Right Waxing Accessories To Get The Job Done

Firstly, it’s important to consider the types of wax you’re using. If you use a strip wax, you’ll need to have the woven, bleached or non-bleached strips available. They’re used after the wax has been applied. They help to cover a large surface area and are perfect for legs. You can apply this using a spatula or tongue compressor. Secondly, if you prefer hot wax, you’ll need to have some paddle pop sticks on hand for application. For hygiene purposes, you’ll need to use a new stick each time you dip into the wax. This means you are getting through your supply quickly if you offer waxing services daily, to multiple clients. AMR offers bulk packs, so you can get more for less.


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    • Lycon

      Lycon Spatulas Tongue Depressors 1000Pk

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    • Glammar Electrical

      Glammar GlideOn Single Wax Heater

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    • Lycon

      Lycon Calico Roll 50m

    • Lycon

      Lycon Epilace Non Woven Strips 250Pk

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    • Lycon

      Lycon Spatulas Eyebrows Thin 100Pk

    • Lycon

      Lycon Spatulas Tongue Depressors 100Pk

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    • Lycon

      Lycon Stretcher Roll 80m

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    • Briemarpak

      Briemarpak Alcohol Wipes 200pcs

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    • Glammar

      Glammar Waxing Pre Cut Strips 500 pc

    • Lucky Tiger

      King Talc Powder 255g

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    • Lycon

      Lycon Epilace Non Woven Strips 500Pk

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    • Salon Secrets

      Salon Secrets Brow Beaters 100Pk


    Showing 1–12 of 24 results

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