Electrical Hair Equipment: Must-Haves for All Salons

It is impossible to open a hairstyling salon without electrical hair equipment. Stylists do need crafty hands to be able to provide the magic dust of hairdressing but much of the finishing touches depend on the electrical appliances in the salon. Moreover, certain styles are impossible to pull off unless the right tools are in the stylist’s hands. How much volume can you get without a professional hairdryer? Can you even think about sleek and shiny hair without using a range of hair straighteners? And how about taking care of beards and curling hair in loose or strong waves?

You need to plug in the cord to get the perfect result in all these areas. AMR electrical products come in assorted colours, materials, and purposes – we make all salon ideas possible by offering over 150 electrical hair products at one place. Our product range is intended for home use as well – read the description to each product to explore its features and purpose.

AMR Hair Equipment for Modern Salons

Whether you need to revamp your electrical hair tools by adding a few cutting-edge pieces or fully stock a newly opened salon, the AMR selection includes a variety of options. What you will find among our hair electrical assortment are top brands with the following products:

  • Ionic hairdryers
  • Ceramic hairdryers
  • Silicon diffusers
  • Hair straighteners
  • Hot brushes
  • Clippers
  • Clipper attachments
  • Perm machines
  • Hot roller sets

With the right equipment, many client dreams become possible, even when edging with the unattainable especially if you let your imagination and creativity take the reins. Many of the available products are award winners. You can also find some of the brands in the hands of Australian most popular hairstylists. If you want to use the best of the best in electrical hairstyling, scroll through the products by applying the search filters and look for the award tag on the product photo. These won’t fail you even after prolonged use.


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  • Glammar Electrical

    Glammar Mini Wax Heater 250ml

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  • Glammar Electrical

    Glammar Wax Heater 1000ml

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  • Lycon

    Lycon Lycopro Duo Wax Heater 2x800g

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Showing all 3 results