Hair Clippers: A Salon Essential

Hair Clippers are a must-have addition to any salon. Clippers are used primarily for cutting, trimming and shaving a clients hair. Each hairdresser or barber will have their own unique way of using them. On a clients hair, you could be expected to use a combination of scissors, razors, clippers and trimmers on a single cut. With the modern barber trend on the rise, clippers are essential in achieving the perfect fade. Attachments that go on the end of the clippers are used to help determine the result of the cut.

Attachment Sizing Guide For Hair Clippers

Understanding attachment sizing can feel complicated. Each company will have its own measurement system they use to work out sizing. Although they may be called something different, they are all based off a particular mm sizing. The smallest sizing you can expect is roughly 0.2mm, which will give you a very close shave to the head. You’d often find you’d need to pair this cut with a razor, for a clean, close shave. Other clippers on the market can go up to 16mm. These can range from metal and plastic too, tough choice right!

Things To Consider When Purchasing Hair Clippers

Selecting the right clippers can feel daunting at first. Before making a purchase, you need to consider your salon needs to ensure you choose what’s best for you. How often does your service require you to use hair clippers? Barbers will tend to use electrical tools on the majority of clients, so finding durable and high-quality clippers is a must. Furthermore, consider ease and mobility. Corded or cordless clippers are an option you’ll also need to consider. Will the cord get in the way of your cut? Do you have time to let the clippers charge between clients? Ask yourself these questions to help narrow down your search to find the right product for you. AMR staff will be happy to answer any additional questions you have to give you the best quality tool for your styling needs.


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