Hair curlers are fun, both for the hairstylist and the client. Curly hair is one of the best ways to emphasise its natural beauty and to create enviable, red-carpet-ready volume. With a hair curler, you can amp up a casual style, as well as create iconic wavy hairstyles which look like they are coming from a fairytale. It is no wonder curlers come in various shapes and for various purposes, some of them carrying the name curling wand. They can help you accomplish genuine hair magic. 

Hair Curlers For Multi-Purpose and Specialised Professionals

There is more than one way to curl hair. In contrast to their name, you can even find the right hair curler is the best way to straighten someone’s hair! Professional hair curlers can be shaped as tongs, wands, and irons. Certain hairstyles can be achieved only with a good set of hot rollers. Therefore, you may need more than one curling tool to satisfy everyone that steps into your salon. With our range professional hair curlers, you can: 

  • Create smaller, tight, and nicely defined waves
  • Soften the hairstyle with medium wavy curls
  • Design free-flowing hairstyles
  • Emphasise texture
  • Volumise the hair with super-large rollers

Regardless of what are your client wishes, we can get you what you want  – our online shop offers hair curling tools from famous brands that have made a well-known name for themselves in the hairstyling industry. Brands on offer include Silver Bullet, Babybliss PRO and Hair2Day. Come in-store or log online now to purchase your brand new, professional and exciting hair curler today.

Haircurling Techniques

Most professional hair curlers use heat to temporarily break the natural hydrogen bonds in straight hair, causing the beauty of curls to present itself in full shine.  Certain types of curls, for example, tiny texture curls, require using specific heat-based hairstyling curlers. Others, like the miraculous BaBylissPRO MiraCurl 3 in 1 tool can help you achieve three curl styles with only one tool. If you are on a lookout for a more versatile, all-in-one tool, you may also want to consider the H2D x5 Professional Curling Wand Rose Gold with 5 interchangeable heads. When you choose your favourite hair curler, make sure it:

  • Is light and ergonomically designed to protect your hands and wrists
  • Offers a range of temperature settings
  • Has solid, 360-degree swivelling cable
  • Uses ion, ceramic, or infrared technology
  • Provides versatility in curl size


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