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What ear piercing products does AMR stock?

AMR has all of your ear piercing needs all in the one place. Our ear piercing products are made for professional use at a wholesale price. We stock a range of kits and jewellery that are perfect for salons and body piercing stores. The kit inclusions contain a stud gun, antiseptic cleaning swabs and sprays, natural solutions as well as earrings. In addition, we also  sell individual products if you were looking for earrings on their own or just wanted to add another bottle of antiseptic to your order. Furthermore, our earrings come in a variety of colours and styles so you have an incredible choice of designs.

Why purchase ear piercing products from AMR?

There are many reasons why you such make your next purchase with us. We have a friendly and helpful team that will assist you with any enquiries you may have. With well-known brands such Caflon, you can make your decision all the more easy. Since our kits contain all you need to get started straight away, you can begin piercing in no time! Most noteworthy, you can have the convenience of having the products delivered to your door with a small fee. Another reason to love us is that you can come in store and see our range in person or make the purchase online. We look forward to having you make your next purchase with AMR.
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