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Fans of the barber culture appreciate when being groomed the old fashioned way. For many facial hair proponents, taking care of the beard at home is not enough - they require the real deal. Call it traditional or call it the take-your-time way, there is a huge difference between being seated in stainless steel barber chairs and getting your essential grooming from a professional over a DIY trimming. 

Barbers Shops: Vintage & Mainstream

Barber chairs are an essential furniture piece for a barbershop. It creates that unique classic atmosphere loved by men who don’t mind taking a bit more time to themselves.  Most importantly, our barber chairs are sturdy enough to serve a long line of customers and stylish enough to give that one-of-a-kind vintage vibe to a barbershop.  The modern barber culture and beard styles are so rich with options, that customers want and expect more from their barbers. It's not just about a simple shave and cut - there are dozens of variations, even more with beards. There is nothing better than a fresh shave to make the modern man feel pampered.

Barber Chair Selection with Tradition and Style

Barbershops are the safe haven for customers, where they come to relax and entrust the grooming to a pro. The mood is impossible without sitting in a spacious and sturdy chair, in which the client will leave feeling stress-free. A nice vintage chair speaks volumes about your shop and helps to build a good name for your business.  To provide comfort and satisfaction with your customers, your barbershop should welcome them with sufficient space for haircuts and beard care. It will bring them back as loyal customers the more they feel comfortable. 

Durable Materials and Attention to Detail

Furthermore, AMR chairs are made of durable materials. They are built with stainless steel handles, aluminium footrests, and dependable leatherette. These will handle well, even long hours of work over many years. The AAA hydraulics system enables adjusting of the height, to customise the size for the customer. This keeps everyone happy and comfortable all the way through the final scissor snip.