A Selection Of Salon Trolley Accessories

AMR Hair & Beauty offers a wide range of salon trolley accessories. As an example, some of these items include iron holsters, appliance holders and spare trays. They’ll help to add extra space to your cart and help to streamline the working process. You should strongly consider adding them to your salon trolley to make life easier.

Iron Holsters & Appliance Holders

Iron holsters are a great place to store your hot electrical items. For instance, things like blow dryers and hair straighteners can easily fit in this attachment. It makes the tools more accessible and easy to grab promptly. Generic hair electrical holders can easily be screwed to the side of a trolley or wall-mounted. However, some are specifically designed for our own branded trolleys.

Picking A Cart & Additional Salon Trolley Trays

Firstly, we understand choosing a salon trolley can be difficult. If you’ve already started the search, you’ll understand there are many different types to pick from. Some trolleys are specific to barbers and beauticians, while others are suited to hairdressers and makeup artists. Additionally, they are different qualities and made from different materials. Some are built using mainly steel and wood. Others are both using metals and plastics, while some are made solely from plastic. As a result, you can expect the pros and cons of each.

By selecting a plastic trolley, it allows for you to add additional trays. Alternatively, you can remove as many as you want. You’ll be able to fully customise your cart. The expensive carts made from metal and sometimes wood. This creates limitations for adding additional draws and holster accessories. If you are a stylist, being able to mount a holster is crucial. For the barber, they may not need as many draws as they don’t offer colouring services. Consider these points closely as they will be a deciding factor. Furthermore, if you’re unsure if certain salon trolley accessories will fit your cart, just ask our friendly staff. Additionally, you can come and inspect them yourself in our showrooms.


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