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Modern Table Furniture

Modern beauty salons call for modern furniture. Various nail procedures require special care and appliances. That is why beauty salons benefit from owning a dedicated place for doing nails. Provided your salon has enough space, you shouldn’t save on square footage: take a piece and make it all about luxury nails. Equip it with a stylish table and you will create a self-inviting place that is calm enough for the skillful hands of nail technicians.

Spotless Spaces for Nail Technicians

Nail tables are those cozy spots amidst hair and beauty stylists flying around busy salons. Nail technicians can’t go anywhere without their tiny tools, nail accessories, and a UV lamp. They need to be close at hand but still out of the way to enable fuss-free attention to each nail. We make sure our products come with the right dimensions for comfort and precision, as well as enough legroom and storage. With the right mix of practicality and aesthetics for both the nail tech and the client to work and rest comfortably. Although it might be true you can do a mani anywhere on a flat surface, the right light, space, and accessibility to tools facilitates the procedure without a doubt. Manicure tables provide all that and might even hand you an extra  tips flying at the end of a relaxing manicure.

AMR Nail and Manicure Tables

AMR manicure tables come with a simplistic practical design for effortless manicures. At the same time, our table furniture is versatile to fit into most design layouts. The Glammar Tammy Manicure Table Onyx that has a modern look that improves efficiency, including free space for a LED lamp and drawers for the remainder of the nail accessories. The same product is available in natural wood colour, too. For a more luxurious elegant feel, choose one of the Glammar Swan or Penelope Manicure Tables, available in black in white. With its soft lines, Glammar Swan will blend into the curved furniture trend, while Glammar Penelope will give a more compact, classic look.