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AMR Beauty Gift Packs: Practicality Packed in Lovely Boxes

Beauty gift packs are full of opportunities for the giver. You can use them as a wonderful surprise for a dear friend, family member or even gift them to yourself on special occasions. A gift pack is all about the functionality of a product but also about aesthetics. Along with the product’s purpose, you also give beauty and style. And in hairdressing, we can never have enough of that. Another benefit of gift packs is that they can be used to test full product lines as they usually come in series. Instead of buying each product separately, you can get them all at once. This helps to safely experiment with new products at discounted prices. 

Assorted Beauty Gift Packs Make a Wonderful Present

Our beauty gift packs can be a thoughtful present to a fellow hairdresser or someone obsessed with great hair. Even if they are not a hair-styling professional, they'll love these gorgeous packs. You can pick from make-up to haircare, we promise you'll be spoiled for choice. At AMR, we have prepared selected gift packs for a variety of uses, including:
  • 2-in-1 hairdryers and straighteners
  • Shampoo, conditioner, and hair serum trios
  • Detox hairdressing packs
  • Sets for curling hair
  • Complete brand series (Fanola Oro Therapy)
  • Pedicure and lipstick holiday packs
  • Blonde care packs
We also provide elegant AMR gift boxes and wrapping to help you select your own products, create gift packs, and send them in style.

Everyone Loves Nicely Wrapped Beauty Gift Packs

If you lack an idea about what to give on a special occasion, our beauty gift packs may provide just the right inspiration. These packs can be suited for both genders, for any occasion.  You can’t miss with a pack of cosmetics - do only minimal research to learn more about the receiver and you can’t make a mistake. If you want to give a present to someone you don’t know that well, such as an acquaintance or a colleague, go with a more general gift pack. We stock organic and vegan products that will make everyone happy, including the pickiest users.