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AMR Hair Brushes For Every Hair Type

Hair brushes can make a massive difference to the condition and health of your hair. Choosing the right brush for different styling methods and hair types is essential for maintaining healthy hair. If your hair is long and straight, then you are better off using paddle hair brushes as they are great for detangling and massaging the scalp.

If you have fine and delicate hair, then using cushion brush can be beneficial for you. For thick hair, you can use synthetic bristle brush as they don't create too much static. If you want big curls you would need a ceramic round brush.

If you want those thin locks to look thicker, then we suggest you to use a teasing hair brush.If you want to style your hair until it is smooth and frizz-free, a boar bristle brush has a good mix of stiffer nylon brushes within the boar with more grip for detangling and grooming.

AMR provides a range of professional hair brushes designed for every type of hair. We source our products only from reputable providers to make our customers happy and satisfied.