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Professional Hair Sectioning Clamps, Duckbill, and Crocodile Clips

Hair sectioning clips are a much-needed addition to any beauty salon. You need at least a few to complete any hairstyle. From a simple blow-dry to braiding and cutting hair, you need these clips to make it happen. Even for highlights and colouring procedures, you must pay attention to fill out your hair clip supplies.

How to Choose the Proper Hairdressing Clip?

To a layman, all clips may look the same. Professionals understand that all types of hair clips have their special purpose. There are a number of clips you can consider including in your salon for different occasions. Crocodile or alligator clips are great for sectioning large hair sections. These make the hairdresser’s job easier by preventing entanglement. They also make facilitating blowouts for thick, dense hair easier. Duckbill clips are more appropriate for a stronghold on smaller sections of hair. Wave clamps can grip even smaller sections to provide support with finger and body waves. Double curl clips and prong clips are usually made of metal and are designed to hold rollers, pin curls, or maintain stronger waves.

Hairstyling Clips for All Purposes

Along with a variety of hairstyling clips, you need to consider the volume of bobby pins, setting pins, and elastic ties to keep at hand. It is beneficial to have clips and ties in a set of colours to match the natural hair colour or a specific updo or braiding style. Sometimes, they need to be visible, and on occasions, hidden. A smart move would be to consider having more in brown, light beige and black, and less of the atypical colours. Coloured clips can be a part of the salon’s brand, too. Many owners try to match the colour of their furniture, equipment, and accessories to their brand logo to make a lasting impact with clients.