Hair Rollers for Root Volume and Natural Waves

There is truth to the story that clients with curly hair like to have it straight. And the same goes for clients with straight hair like to have it all wavy. Since most clients prefer changing their hairstyle occasionally, the switch to curls is one of the easiest, short-term changes they can do. It can offer noticeable change without making radical decisions such as a haircut or a new colour. When things are getting boring, offer a curl renaissance, and you may come up with an idea that becomes your client’s new favourite. Hair rollers may just be the very thing they need in their life.

Why Use Hair Rollers?

When you choose what tools to use to make those waves pop up, keep in mind that hair rollers have many advantages before other curling methods:  

  • Relaxed waves and curls
  • More volume at the root
  • A natural look
  • No excessive heat
  • Gently reshaped hair

When accompanied by the right curling products and without too much heat or chemicals, hair rollers are the safest way to revamp a dull hairstyle into something refreshing and new. 

Hair Rollers At Home

While hair rollers can be difficult to do on your own, many people manage it with ease. We’ve all seen those old movies where a lady runs out of the house with a head full of rollers. It’s something that many people did as a daily routine and with enough practice, you’ll be able to do it with speed. You can do them before bed and sleep with them in, or add heat and complete the process faster. Ask your hairdresser to teach you how to put them in, or watch some video tutorials to master the art.


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Showing 1–12 of 44 results

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