Key Qualities of the Best Salon Mirrors

A mirror is a staple salon equipment. There is hardly any salon that doesn’t revolve around large mirrors as centrepieces. Salon mirrors have a double purpose. They are decorative as well as functional, so ideally you should look for mirrors that meet both of these criteria. Smaller hand mirrors must be comfortable to be handheld and look beautiful. You will need at least one large mirror and one smaller per client to help them take a look at the front as well as the back of the head.

How to Select a Functional Salon Mirror

Consider the type of services you provide in your beauty salon. If you are only focused on hairstyling, you will need several large mirrors placed skillfully around the place. 

Many salon owners choose a combination of a wall mirror with a desk and one or more shelves, in the style of the vanity mirror because they are multifunctional. You can use vanity mirrors to decorate the interior, provide a reflection tool for customers, and store styling equipment. Mirrors with built-in LED lights give that rewarding look of glamour you can only get during professional treatments. 

Smaller mirrors are for closer looks, and to showcase the back of the freshly trimmed hairstyle. As an addition, you can install a tri-fold mirror which will give a good side look of the changes so that your clients take a really good look of the new hair.

Portable Vanity Mirrors for Traveling Hair Experts

If your salon provides at-home hair treatments, it is recommended you get a portable vanity mirror. You can transport this mirror with you as you visit clients and replicate a mini salon. This service looks more presentable, painting you in a more professional manner than if you rely on what your client has at home. Hairstylists that are part of a team can share a vanity style makeup case with a mirror that can be packed in a car trunk and used for hair, makeup, and nails.   


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