Spray Bottles for No-Fuss Hair Handling

Hairdressers rely on spray bottles throughout each day spent at the salon. Spray bottles are necessary to achieve the ideal hair moisture, apply a product, or make those final touches to a strand of hair that’s out of place. Moist hair is easier to work with and shape. Spraying it will enable precise haircuts and detangling the hair without causing hair breakage and tearing. Spray bottles keep hair in place, making it much more susceptible to handgrip. As much as dry hair slips through the fingers, wet hair is more disciplined. The moisture in the spray bottle keeps the locks together, facilitating hair management in all hairdressing procedures.

Hair Salon Sprayers: Secrets of the Trade

On many occasions, hairdressers need to create special emulsions containing oil and water, or combinations of oily and water-based products to nourish the hair. By applying such mixes with a spray applicator, the product is evenly distributed through the hair. You can make sprayers your best friend by creating unique mixes and product combos with secret ingredients only you will know. Put the right dosage of multiple products in an unnamed spray bottle, and you will instantly raise your wizard mojo in the eyes of your clients.

Is There an Ideal Spray Applicator?

There are many spray bottle accessories to choose from. Some are the simplest plastic spray bottles and some – bottle variations that promise durability, quality, and fine design. Having to work with dysfunctional nozzles that don’t work and spray pumps that have lost the hold can be frustrating. Sometimes, it pays off to invest a little more in a good quality spray bottle. It will not only manage the pressure of thousands of thumb presses but will also keep your salon look nice and representable. At AMR we stock several spray bottle variations with budget-friendly price tags, versatile enough to make a great accessory for classic and contemporary designed salons.


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