Colour Preservation With Colour Conditioner

It’s no secret that colouring your hair can be a costly process. It requires maintenance and up-keep, following by frequent dying. We want to do everything in our power to keep the vibrant colour we walked out of the salon with for weeks on end. Thankfully, colour preservation doesn’t need to be that hard. Having a good shampoo and conditioner can be all your need to save your hair. Colour conditioner works to restore the hair and deposit colour. You can get an assortment of colour conditioners to suit your hair. Colour that fades frequently such as reds, see the best results. It’s also possible to get clear colour protection conditioners that are for added moisture. After all, dying your hair can cause it to become dry, brittle and frizzy. They just help to create a protective layer over the cuticle, helping to stop the colour from washing out. It’s also recommended to use in conjunction with a quality colour shampoo and a good routine.

Using Colour Conditioner In Salons

Working in a salon, you want to use quality products that offer the best results for your clients. By using a colour conditioner, it helps to put moisture back into the hair after the colouring process. Additionally, it helps to restore the hairs natural PH after a colouring service. Having the right products can make all the difference to a customers experience. AMR offers preservation products in large sizes for salons and smaller sizing for customers salon retail.


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    • De Lorenzo

      De Lorenzo REJUVEN8 Conditioner 960ml

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    • De Lorenzo

      De Lorenzo REJUVEN8 Conditioner 375ml

    • White Sands

      White Sands Orchid Bliss Revitalising Conditioner 473ml

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    • Fanola

      Fanola After Colour Conditioner 350ml

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    • De Lorenzo

      De Lorenzo Novafusion Colour Care Conditioner 250ml

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    • Fanola

      Fanola After Colour Conditioner 1000ml

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    Showing all 6 results

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