AMR Hair Care Packs and Kits 

Having hair care products from the same line is a blessing. You get to maximise the benefits of ingredients included to focus on a particular hair issue at a discount. Since no type or colour of hair can be treated with just a single bottle of shampoo, when you purchase a hair care pack, you’ll solve several problems at once. 

Why Go for a Pack?

Hair care packs with two, three, four or more products contain carefully selected ingredients that complement each other. Therefore, you cannot make a mistake to ruin the effects of an adequate shampoo by topping the treatment with an inadequate hair maks or serum. When you travel, packing huge bottles equals a heavy load on your back and your luggage fee. Replace them with traveller-friendly hair care kits and you’ll feel good in your skin and hair when you are far away just as you feel good at home.

Special Purpose Hair Care Packs

To efficiently meet the needs of a special type of hair, use hair care kits designed to solve multiple hair issues that are common for that hair type. With the help of industry professionals, we have identified and effectively targeted the crucial issues of coloured,  lacklustre, and damaged hair, compiling hair care packs you can grab and go with a single purchase:  

  • Duo packs with a shampoo and conditioner at reduced prices
  • Packs for blonde hair to maintain shine and vibrant colour, nourish and rehydrate
  • Packs for curly hair to increase volume and produce glossy waves without flattening the hair 
  • Keratin packs to feed with protein and strengthen fibres from within
  • Intense care packs for excessively dry and chemically altered hair
  • Travel kits for vacations, holidays and friendly sleepovers

Hair packs not only solve the main issue such as split ends or dangling curls. They can help improve dull colour but also give a prolonged, double treatment.  That intensifies the main purpose of the product, giving greater results.


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    Fanola No More Kit

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