Split Ends Treatments for Any Type of Hair

When hair gets dry and split ends show up, many decide to reach for the scissors. However, you don’t need to go as drastic as to cut length to make your hair look healthy and beautiful again. When it comes to split ends, it is all about prevention. You can achieve maximum results for hair that has lost its protein structure by giving it regular maintenance before it gets damaged enough to split. But split ends treatments work for restoration, as well.   

Moisturise and Polish Damaged Hair to Prevent Split Ends

If your hair lack moisture, it is more likely to show first signs of splitting at the ends. Losing its natural elasticity, dry hair is prone to frizz, too. Many split ends treatments contain multiple ingredients that will help with more than one problem of dull hair. In essence, split ends show up after the has been exposed to damaging influences for a long time. Therefore, anti split ends products applied regularly will help solve several issues:

  • Act as anti-frizz treatment, boosting shine and hair elasticity
  • Moisturise the cuticles from within
  • Restore keratin
  • Reinforce hair strands with essential nutrients
  • Polish hair to lock in moisture in severe conditions 

If you want to live scissor-free life and grow your hair long and healthy, stay dedicated to your anti split ends routine.

How to Use Anti Split Ends Products

Several products come into the anti split ends basket. Usually, applying only one is not enough. But if you want to keep it simple, choose a good nourishing mask that you apply after every or every second wash. Optimal results are a natural consequence of a high maintenance anti split ends treatment. If you choose to wash your hair with a moisturising shampoo and apply conditioners, serums, and oils for split ends professionally, you can even wear platinum bleached hair without ends splitting. Do the anti split ends care in that order – wash, nurture, and protect. Use heat-activated protective sprays to finalise recovery and seal in the polish.    


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