Damaged and Stressed Hair Treatment

Chemically damaged or hair exposed to outdoor stress factors doesn’t retain the same fibre structure and health as natural hair. Stressed hair treatments are usually based on essential oil combinations that help repair dryness, brittleness, split ends, and breakage. It’s important to regularly provide stressed hair with all the nutrients it needs. To prevent more serious issues, all hair that is not at its best deserves special treatment.

How to Prevent Stressed Hair Damage

It is more effective to prevent rather than to heal or restore. If you know that you are applying stressful procedures to hair such as bleach or use frequent heat, you should expect to cause some damage to hair. Hairdressers certainly know this and apply best practices. However, they sometimes have to deal with the outcome of negligent, impatient, or carefree clients who have played the role of the hairdresser at home. Since there is no optimal benefit in just providing advice, it is best to follow up by an example of a solid tactic for healing stressed hair issues:

  • How to repair hair damaged from straightening
  • How to fix damaged bleached hair
  • Tips and tricks for stressed hair you can do at home
  • How to restore hair health with keratin treatments
  • Choosing products that will nourish your specific hair type

You can offer recommendations but it is always up to the client to adhere to them independently. The hair won’t be as stressed if the salon care becomes a standard that’s applied at home.

What Causes Stress to the Hair?

Most bleached hair procedures, including hairstyles with foils, drastic highlights, and frequent colouring, alter the hair structure. It makes it more prone to breakage and split ends. A perm will also reduce hair elasticity and shine. Alternatively, certain health issues related to hormones or lack of minerals can cause dull-looking hair. Therefore, it is crucial to feed such hair with nutrients that are not called essentials for no reason. They provide basic food from the outside and from the inside.

AMR provides a range of powerful products to fight stressed hair issues. These include products based on organic components, blonde specialised treatments and moisturising products for men’s hair care. You’ll also find black pepper shampoo and charcoal treatments, as well as nurturing kits and gift packs that include all-in-one carefully selected products for healing most common stressed and sensitive hair issues.


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