Prolong Quality With Extension Hair Care

Having great hair can be costly. Even a basic women’s hair cut can set you back and that’s without a blowdry! Hair extensions are another expensive hair item to add to the list. Since it’s human hair, it needs extra love and care to keep them in prime condition. When investing so much time and money into extensions, it’s important to maintain them with extension hair care products.

With everyday use, hair extensions can start to become brittle, dry and hard to work with. If not cared for properly, they can be unusable after 6 weeks or less. Using specialised shampoos and conditioners can help increase the longevity of the extensions, by putting nutrients and oils back into the hair that regular products don’t contain.

How To Treat Hair Extensions

While remy extensions are real hair, they can’t be treated the exact same. They are more porous than your normal hair, so are more likely to absorb the colour. If you’re using colour depositing shampoos, it’s likely to tone the extensions faster, leaving you with an uneven tone.
You should wash the extensions gently with the special products. If you’re using tape extensions, ensure you don’t apply the shampoo and conditioner to the roots. This is because it can cause the tape to become unstuck, meaning you may need to have them retaped sooner than anticipated. Additionally, it’s important to a shine spray and reconstructors to the hair. This will help stop the extensions from drying out and will you the maximum care! Before using any products on the hair, ensure they are safe for extensions and stay away from sulphate!


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