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Heat Protectant Spray: Make Heat Your Friend, Not Your Enemy

Heat is necessary to complete or speed up hairdressing. When used excessively, it can ruin the best efforts and even turn into the enemy of great hair. Only because too much heat is not welcome for healthy-looking hair, it doesn’t mean that you should stop using it altogether. And it is impossible, too. Certain hairstyles cannot be achieved without it. From something as simple as a blowdry to using curlers and irons, heat can damage your hair. With an adequate heat protectant spray, you can eliminate or minimise the effects of using blow dryers or hair straighteners a bit too often. There are ways to protect your client’s hair in various stages of hairstyling. At AMR, we make sure we have them all covered in several options.

What Heat Protectant Spray Does AMR Stock?

If you blow-dry hair you will need to apply a different type of heat protectant spray than when making curls. Intensely coloured or bleached hair requires special attention when using heat because it has already been chemically altered. Heat adds another level of stress to hair treated in this way. Having in mind that the majority of clients dye and blow-dry hair, you must ensure that you provide adequate heat protection haircare. Blowdrying lotions will help you a smooth blow-dry and keep the locks in place for longer. But if you use irons and straighteners, you need special heat protectants that will wrap the fibres in a protective sheet before applying heat to it. Moreover, special heat protectant sprays activate nutrients when exposed to hair and are an excellent way to make the best use of all that increased temperature. 

Sun Shielding for Beach Time and Outdoor Activities With A Heat Protectant Spray

We shouldn’t forget that heat comes from nature, too. The sun can be ruthless if you don’t ward off hair appropriately with protective oils and masks. When spending time outdoors, advise your clients to protect their hair with UV-filter sprays. Beach time should be fun and not a reason to end up with dry and dull hair. Generously apply a heat protectant spray to restore the damage of sunlight and saltwater on previously treated hair. Make summers of good memories!